Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Introduction (Msc Sound & Music for Interactive Games)

I am an audio-visual artist, with a keen interest in sound design and electronic music composition. Apart from stereo speakers, I have experimented with multi-speakers, and I am still exploring the different possibilities of using the system. The difference between games and other visual projects is the ability to bring a digital image to life, furthermore interact with the user. This interactivity has brought me into doing games projects. As a gamer, I would prefer to play puzzle, adventure, role-playing and social simulation games. Besides, I have a great interest in experimental music and abstract moving images. I believe that synesthesia plays a big part in audio-visual works. I have done relevant research on synesthesia to have a deeper understanding of my capabilities.

I have pursued my Bachelors degree at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, where I was exposed to studio recording, live sound, music composition, early electronic music, noise improvisational music performance, abstract moving images and sound design.

Subsequently, I furthered my Masters at University of West London, specialising in Electronic Music Composition. During my stay in London, I have focused on surround systems and bringing my audio-visual works to the next level. I have incorporated graphic scores, paintings and Max MSP colour tracking into my experimental music.

My next focus is to work on interactive games, therefore I applied for MSc Sound and Music for Interactive Games at Leeds Beckett. My ambition is to open a stereo and surround recording studio for interactive games. I will love to do projects ranging from mobile, PlayStation, 3DS to Virtual Reality. I am aware that it will take an extended period, but I am willing to spend my next ten years on such exposure and development. Beyond ten years, technology is always improving; I believe I will have something else in mind.