Thursday, January 26, 2017

Game Audio I Admire (Msc Sound & Music for Interactive Games)

Among all the games that I had played, I admire Maplestory and Kingdom Hearts' game audio. Maple story is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. The synthetic sounds of the music blend in with the environment. The continuous loop would result in irritation; the music does not have a short loop that brings the player out of the game. In the gameplay, the players can choose different characters. These characters would have different abilities that came with various attack sounds. Sounds were also used for the assault and death of the monsters. Not all the actions of the player are mapped to a sound effect, for instance, the players do not have the recording of a footstep. The sound designer balanced the usage of sound effects, and the sounds were properly equalised. Unfortunately, the updated Maplestory have voiceovers which were terribly done. The voiceovers and the story were redundant; the designers should consider taking out the whole scene.

Kingdom Hearts has probably one of the best game audio. The sounds were equalised like a film and animation production; time-based and dynamic effects were used to enhance the sounds. The main theme was composed and sang by Utada Hikaru which complemented the graphics and storyline. Kingdom hearts had different series. The first production theme song, Simple and Clean, had a remixed in the later series that acts as a reminisce for the first series. The voice over was also properly done, with no noise or unwanted sounds and frequencies in the recording. Published by Square Enix and Disney, this game produced not only good quality audio but also good quality graphics and animation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Introduction (Msc Sound & Music for Interactive Games)

I am an audio-visual artist, with a keen interest in sound design and electronic music composition. Apart from stereo speakers, I have experimented with multi-speakers, and I am still exploring the different possibilities of using the system. The difference between games and other visual projects is the ability to bring a digital image to life, furthermore interact with the user. This interactivity has brought me into doing games projects. As a gamer, I would prefer to play puzzle, adventure, role-playing and social simulation games. Besides, I have a great interest in experimental music and abstract moving images. I believe that synesthesia plays a big part in audio-visual works. I have done relevant research on synesthesia to have a deeper understanding of my capabilities.

I have pursued my Bachelors degree at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, where I was exposed to studio recording, live sound, music composition, early electronic music, noise improvisational music performance, abstract moving images and sound design.

Subsequently, I furthered my Masters at University of West London, specialising in Electronic Music Composition. During my stay in London, I have focused on surround systems and bringing my audio-visual works to the next level. I have incorporated graphic scores, paintings and Max MSP colour tracking into my experimental music.

My next focus is to work on interactive games, therefore I applied for MSc Sound and Music for Interactive Games at Leeds Beckett. My ambition is to open a stereo and surround recording studio for interactive games. I will love to do projects ranging from mobile, PlayStation, 3DS to Virtual Reality. I am aware that it will take an extended period, but I am willing to spend my next ten years on such exposure and development. Beyond ten years, technology is always improving; I believe I will have something else in mind.