Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I am going to create a sound installation that has got to do with synesthesia, so I began to research on related topics.

 "Some individuals with synesthesia are shocked to discover as children that the rest of the world does not experience things as they do. Many other synesthetes reach adulthood completely unaware that their experience is in any way unusual." (Cytowic, 2009, pg.1)

 This research led to my astonishing discovery about myself. Since young I knew I was different from others but I was not aware what made me different. That was why I was always living in my "own world" and believed that I might not be as intelligent as others. When I was a primary school kid, the teachers would begin to teach in class. As they talked, some visual elements appeared before my eyes. I started to go into my world of "imagination". My grades were not as good because I was not listening, I was fascinated by the shapes and colours that flew past me. It turned out that my teachers were frequently picking on me because they said I was daydreaming most of the time. My classmates also quickly found out that I was always living in my world and I enjoyed spacing out, they perceived that I was slow and some thought I was just stupid. It was not what they believed to be, every word that I captured, when they talked, would automatically translate into pictures. By the age of ten, I was so fascinated by the images that I turned to be someone who loved to live in my imagination. I could look at an object and create a whole storyline with it in my head. It was similar when one was watching television. The moving images were so clear that I did not need to watch tv because I had one in my head.

 My secondary school days were probably the saddest days. My imagination was brought up to the next level. I wanted just to escape from reality; I managed to do so by creating an imaginary world because I had the ability to do it. But those images came to an end when I started to study architecture. When I was studying design, the lecturer would always relate words to some pictures or diagrams. I began to listen attentively in class. After I study Music Technology, I started to look at an object and translate it into sounds, into music. Now when I look at a painting, the shapes will move in my head and there will be sounds accompanying them.

 Honestly, in the past when someone told me they were not able to visualise something, I would always reply them "Come on?" I assumed that everyone was able to visualise. Just like others thought that I was abnormal, I believed that they were abnormal too. At least now I know that being a synesthete is unusual.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Eh Wah is now available on iTunes and Spotify!

Eh Wah is now available on iTunes and Spotify! Have a listen and show your love and support by purchasing a digital album on iTunes or stream it on Spotify! Click on the links below and stay tuned for more updates!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Eh Wah is available on Bandcamp now!