Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 2: Developing a Research Question

1. My area of interest is to allow the audience to have both sight and hear sensory experience by manipulating audio-visual during a live performance using surround systems.
2. I want to research more about surround systems, how to utilise a space for a music performance and how visuals interact with an Acousmatic piece.
3. Questions:
   - How does a musician have an active interaction with the visuals or vice visa?
   - The music or the visuals decide the pacing, synchronisation and the flow of the performance?
   - What kind of cues influence the transition of the performance?
   - How to do a surround mix?
   - How can this be a one-man live performance?

Research Question:
The combination of live visuals and surround systems will enhance spatial awareness and allow an audience to experience the travel of sound and image. The research will focus on surround systems, space utilisation, Acousmatic and visuals interaction. My research question has four facets: I want to develop an understanding of the active interaction between music and visuals, what is the pace, synchronisation and the flow of the performance, what kind of cues influence the transition of the performance and how to do surround mixing. With the use of these knowledge, my intention is to perform a live audio-visual performance, work with Resolume, violin processing, Max MSP and surround systems to experiment different visuals and sound design.