Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 1 Research

Preferred Topic: Live Visuals, Surround and Acousmatic Music

Research Questions:
1) What kind of performance do I want the audiences to experience?
2) Does visuals help to enhance a performance?
3) Does space affects the sound and visual?
4) How does space affects the sound and visual?
5) What kind of music goes well with surround systems and visuals?
6) Who are the targeted audience?
7) Where does the performance going to take place? Where is the most suitable place for such a performance to take place?
8) When does this event take place? Has such a performance existed? Examples?
9) Why am I writing about this topic?
10) Why should the reader care?

Research Methods:
Prints, journals, interviews, photograph, audio recordings, video recordings, websites, past experiences and documentations.