Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Awesome 2014

I would like to have a post on my participation of different performances and compositions in year 2014, it is like some form of closure for year 2014 and a warm invitation for the upcoming 2015. 2015 is definitely going to be an awesome year! I sincerely believe so… -_- Please huat me…

Pet Documentary

I wrote songs for Khoo Yun, a film student. I am also collaborating with another film student together with Aqilah for our final year Principle Studies project. It is going to be fun!

The music techies performed at Lasalle@Winstedt, collaborating with the Arts Management students. The picture was taken during one of our rehearsals at C201. We are always awesome and always cool! Music Tech rockssss!

Oh and this once in a lifetime experience at Lasalle@Winstedt. We shifted our gears and tables from a mini stage to the front of the stage because the stage was too small. Then it started pouring like mad so we ran like mad to protect our gears, it was so exciting -.- … Lastly, we shifted to this "tent" after the rain. This experience was definitely memorable and we took a picture before the performance. I performed with D'moduladies and for the dancers, I would say it was fun.

After the performance, we took a picture together! *Happy and exhausted!

Vanya's Esplanade Recital

I performed for Vanya's recital, everyone was in pink… Vanya looked gorgeous!

I also performed for Karen's and my bestie, Mus' recital, however I did not take a picture of it.

CO-LAB 2014

I VJ-ed for CO-LAB 2014 together with Aqilah, Zeek and Htet.

Top Girls

Nadrah, Aqilah and I collaborated with the theatre students, working on a show named "Top Girls." I love writing songs, however it was both a pleasant and unpleasant experience I would say. 


Setosuary VJ-ed for Time:Space:2014@Lasalle. You can check out our performance below:

Nadiah's wedding

D'moduladies performed for Nadrah's sister wedding in November. And yes, Nadrah… why didn't we have a band picture? Oh man, I can imagine Nadrah replying me... It's okay you don't have to explain to me.

Nana took a photo with me, but she is too young to be a member of the D'moduladies. Haha… Sorry Nana! When you grow up,… You will be one of us.


Setosuary had our very first overseas trip to Yangon! It was so life enriching! From sleeping at the padi fields, to climbing mountains and performed at the music school. I really have to thank Htet for planning this trip.

This marks the end of 2014, 2015 here we come!

Signing off,
Abigail Seto