Monday, January 13, 2014

Bye 2013!

2013 has finally came to an end but it is not something to be happy about. I am going to be one year older soon and time flies too fast. Somebody please press the stop button if there is one. HAHA! Apparently there isn't such thing. Though I'm 22 but I have serious memory failure. I tend to forget things and I have to read my Facebook, twitter, diary and blog to remember what I have done. Though I want to quit twitter. Oh yes, let me talk about twitter first because I find myself a bit lame and nothing better to do. I deactivated my account 2 weeks ago or so and I was worried that if I have no inspiration I have nothing to refer to if my twitter is deleted. I had wrote too many things and share too many things on twitter so I deleted it. BUT I need to refer to what I have been doing if I am writing lyrics. I need reference… Ok lame, whatever. I just activated my twitter in the afternoon but I'm not going to use it or tweet stuff anymore. Once I have creative blockage I will go and read my previous tweets. I am migrating to weibo because I have no followers that knows me so I don't have to worry about what people think of me or worry about people judging what I have wrote. Yes, this is call peer and social pressure. Enough of social media, let me recap of what I have done in 2013.

January, oh yes… I received a call that I entered into XQRJ top 10 then I had performances and stuff, eye opening I would say. I posted about it in my previous post. This competition ended in February then I went back to focus on my school work.

Then the end of February I noticed Xiaohan laoshi posted on FB that Funkie Monkies having a subsidy from six degree. I took some time to consider should I or should I not. I always do that anyway, thinking for days about should I do this or that. Then the start of March laoshi posted again that the deadline is extended so I told myself, this must be fate! I compiled 4 songs and emailed them the next day. Then I entered into the song writing course. Basically it is a 9 month course with 90% subsidy from six degree. But shit it! The email landed into my junk mail and I did not read it. So I had 70% subsidy. Seriously, like seriously… who reads junk mail. Junk mail is for junk. I hope a miracle will happen and my subsidy will raise from a 70% back to 90%. Let's face the fact that I need money to buy pedals and fix my novation KB. Stop complaining Abigail, stop complaining. Back to the course, I wrote 12 songs but actually I should write 16 songs. School was tough, so was this songwriting class, so I wrote 12. It was interesting, I have talented and interesting classmates and hilarious and very interesting teachers. Jim laugh at my songs really hard at times. I laugh at him because he laugh at my song really hard. Basically I submitted most of my minor songs to Eric and major songs to Jim. I prefer writing minor songs so I guess my minor songs sound better than major song. In the end I gave up and just submit anything that I wrote to anyone due to time restriction. Xiaohan laoshi also taught us for 2 lessons too. It expanded my songwriting vocabulary and song arranging knowledge at the end of the course.

Let me take some photos from Facebook…

And yes! Lucky there is Facebook and iPhone! I played for Keertana's pop ensemble and get to know Mel the awesome drummer!
Lynettii, me, Tommy, Tana, Htet and Mel.
Tana and I went to watch Nora Jones too!
Aqilah and I also went to CO-LAB for some VJ-ing with Mr Pear! This is also one fun thing to do… Seriously FUN!!!

During the 3 month holidays I went to do some composing and arranging stuff for some NUS Malay theatre show named Pentas. I should say this is experience enriching.

Our family went for a yacht outing too with 叔叔,小姑 and their family. This is seriously fun!!!
Robin are you trying to pose there?
姑丈,小姑,me, meimei, binbin and youyou.

Our family photo

Oh yes! Toshimaru Nakamura came to our school to perform and played with us during creative music ensemble! He is awesome! So awesome!

Look at his pedals. No-Input-Mixing-Board.

Toshimaru Nakamura and the 8twelvers

We also had David Toop as our guest lecturer too. We are supposed to submit the mix by the end of February and only Htet touched the work. Too many tracks, too confusing so no one wants to do it, maybe except for Htet. I am sure most of us will submit it so no worries… hahaha…

David Toop and the 8twelvers.
Aqilah and I also went to Macritchie Reservoir to record sounds for Brian's class. Another Memorable outing!

Not to mention together with Htet, my bestest buddy, we completed the vibrxxxx. Hahaha… Thanks Htet!

My dad also gave me wonderful gifts last year. Thanks dad for spending so much on me and sorry too!
During the project week Htet, Vick and I together with Brian! perform on FRASS with the dancers. So fun! So fun! One last fun thing before 2013 ends would be learning violin from Kailin. Everything was fun and super fun. 2013 was great! I hope that 2014 will be equally great or better!

Here I come 2014! Bye 2013!