Thursday, November 14, 2013


We have come so far to learn to be happy
To improve our EQ as a family
And to let it go as a family
This is a place call home

Though anger strikes
Flying object flew past
Words may become hurtful
Hands could not resist to cause wounds
But we must learn to overcome and grow

After the process of endurance, giving and taking
After the process of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness
Because of love we learn to hate
Because of hate we learn to forgive
Because of forgive we once again learn to love

Home is a shelter where love and warmth is
Though the past may seem terrifying
We held hand in hand to overcome the obstacles that appeared in front us
We were brave and we stand strong

This is my home, a place I love
This is my home, where I receive love
This is my home, where I give my love

Thank you dad, mum, kor kor and you you.