Friday, October 18, 2013

My 22nd Birthday!

8 days ago was my 22nd birthday and I'm going to upload some awesome photos from my classmates and my iPhone. Here you go!

8twelvers had 2 new classmates this year! Thanks Jon for making such a nice design for the photo!
However, there is one missing Tommy in this photo.

They took this photo while they were trying to light up the candles, I went to the toilet and had no idea they were gonna sing a birthday song for me. Jones did an awesome brownie for me and I'm super duper happy that she actually took the night to bake it! 

The music techies brought me to Swenson's for my birthday treat! Thanks guys!

I went home and mum bought my favorite coffee cake! The 2 guys up there doesn't like to eat coffee cake so mum bought 2 small chocolate cake specially for them... CHOOSY EATERS!

My dad took the photo up there, so he wasn't in that photo but here! DAD!!!

Wee Wee sent a birthday card from Adelaide! Thank you!