Monday, September 23, 2013

My Lady Luck Is Not With Me

2 to 3 weeks ago, a bird dropping just fell from the sky and landed as I walked past. Though it did not fell directly on me but I still had some bird droppings on my back. Unlucky... oh well... Last friday was even more hilarious, I saw the bus 31 came and I ran a few steps. But my bag and violin were too heavy so I gave up and walked. Everything look fine from then.... UNTIL, before I boarded the bus I walked down the step and fell into the hole on the road. I typically just fell not backward, not forward but just landed with the gravity. There goes my ankle, I sprained it. There was this western guy in front of me who turned and asked me "Are you ok?" and I replied: "Yeah I'm fine, yeah I'm fine." The bus driver was even funny, he looked at me and repeatedly said: "Take your time..." Ok uncle, yes was taking my time and was not rushing. My instant reaction was not feeling embarrassed but oh shit. I couldn't stand properly. So I limped to a seat and sat down. I felt like fainting at that point of time but I told myself it was not the first time feeling this way because it occurred to me too many times as I always feel dizzy. I limped back home and went to the sinseh during the night.

Day 1 after visiting the sinseh
I thought that it was just a small accident so I would be going to school tomorrow morning. But I was wrong! The next morning I woke up and went to turn on the heater, I limped as usual. Woah that pain was unbearable seriously. I decided to give up going to school though it was the last day of the term. That whole day I hopped and rolled on the wheel chair. During the late afternoon, I finally could limp and I went back to visit the sinseh again. He said because of the poor blood circulation so the ankle was painful. He helped to improve my foot's blood circulation and I could limp again!

Day 3 Blue Black
Day 3 I took off the bandage and there was a big patch of blue black, a little swollen and I can finally walk though it was a bit painful.

Today which is the 5th day of my injury, everything is fine. I can walk normally though it is a little painful.

I heard from Jones yesterday that my classmate thought I fell on the bus and my lecturer Brain was like opening his eyes wide open. No you guys were wrong, I did not stone and I did not fell on the bus. I just fell before I board the bus which was even more stupid.

This is the very first time that I actually sprained my ankle, I must be very lucky over the past 21 years of my life.