Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going Back In Time

There is a myth about the Bermuda Triangle. Rumors said that any air craft, airplane, object or human that got near the Bermuda Triangle might go back in time. Let's say today there is a choice to go back in time, will you?

If I am given the choice, I will decline the offer. If the 21 year old me were to go back in time, seriously what can I do? My family might not recognize me, nobody will to be exact. If a policeman were to come up to me to check my ID, things might go very wrong. Let's say I went 10 years back, the time when I was 11 years old. Then the policeman checks my ID, most likely he will be super horrified to find out that I am born in the year of 1991 and I should be a 11 years old kid instead of a 21 year old girl. I might be accused for having a fake ID.

Unless there is another scenario which I went back in time without knowing and there is only one me. For example like I knocked my head and I went back in time to the 11 years old little girl and is still that 11 year old me with no memory that I went back in time. Actually it really does not make a difference because the surrounding, family, peers influences and education that I went through will all be the same and I will definitely make the exact same decision for anything I do.

If I really do not have the choice and I went back in time as a 21 years old me, most likely I will go up to the 11 years old Abigail and teach that little girl how to have a better communication skills with other people, learn to open up to others more, learn what is self love and listen to my own opinions more. Maybe that little girl might not be a musician today...

That is a saying that the past cannot be changed, all we have to do is to live in the present and be prepared for the future.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Complain? It's no use.

I have just read a few articles from Yahoo about a Singaporean reprimanding Singaporeans for being spoilt, many Singaporeans commenting and bashing the writer, complaining about this and that. In my opinion, there is no use complaining, blaming and reprimanding about anything. Foreigners and whatever so be it. 

Look back at the history, the rulers were always the one who enjoys, decides and plans for the commoners. I am also one of the commoners who cannot change anything. Just carry on working, fight for your family and earn money for your meals and shelters. 

Honestly I am not proud to be a Singaporean but neither am I proud to be of any national citizen because everywhere is the same. I am chosen to be born here so I am a Singaporean and that's it. When there is politic, there will be bias and unequal treatment. Humans have the tendency to fight for what is best for them, the politicians, the commoners, everybody... Everyone is selfish. Since young, our textbook always tells us not to be a liar and not to be selfish. Come on! You have to be a liar and be selfish to work in the industry, but you have to be an A plus scholar in lying and being selfish to be a politician. 

Whether you choose to migrate overseas or people choose to migrate here, it does not really concern you or me. Migrating is for the sake of convenience, if you have a job overseas or you have your family overseas, just migrate. Everywhere is still the same, we are still humans living on this earth.

If Singapore is a place where horrifying things happen to you, you can always choose to leave. On a side note, even if the place you live has changed, if your heart doesn't, nothing will change except for your location. You can be happy if you choose to be. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I have just uploaded a short piano piece yesterday! Actually this song was composed for a Malay theatre show named "Pentas" by NUS last month, apparently it does not sound like a Malay song so I guess that was why it was rejected. I remembered I completed this in a rush, hmmm I took an hour to finish this song. Due to the "a day" deadline, I use my mouse to drag the midi notes for the middle intervals to form a sixth apart in the chorus and some chords in the pre-chorus. Yes I cheated with the use of technology. I was kind of sad that this song was rejected so few weeks later I shifted the velocity because the melody was kind of soft and there was not much dynamic changes. So here you go! Enjoy!