Friday, May 31, 2013


Just now I tweeted about drop outs and this is what I've tweeted: "There are 2 kinds of dropouts. The 1st one, too smart and school is not a place for u. 2nd, you just couldn't make it."

 Few hours ago I was logging into my dad's Facebook and I wanted to update his profile. So we had this conversation:

Me: "Dad, which high school did you study? High School Muar?"

Dad: "Yes."

Me: "Wait, did you graduate from there?"

Dad: "I did not."

Me: "So that means I cannot write that down in your profile right?"

Dad: "I don't give a damn about Facebook."

Me: "Ok... Then dad why did you force me to study university? You did not even complete your secondary school education..."

Dad: "That's different. If I were to complete my education, I might become a normal salaryman. But you have to get a better education qualification to marry a better man."

Me: "Is that so? I thought you were against me marrying?"

Dad: "......"

When I was studying in Secondary school, some of my classmates said that education is not important. But before you want to give up your education, you have to think whether which category you belong to. The 1st one or the 2nd one. Do you have enough creativity or business brain to succeed in life? Apparently I do not have it so I'm still pursuing my education.