Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Previous Photos Are Gone!

Ok all my previous photos that I've uploaded since day 1 are all GONE! I've accidentally synced my google+ account to my dad's phone while helping him to download some app and music and my dad deleted all my google+ photos. Therefore all my photos in my blog were gone FOREVER!!! I seriously have no intentions of uploading all my previous photos because I have no time and patience to browse through what I have written over the past 2 to 3 years, so I will leave it as it is.

In addition to that, my blog background is currently black in colour as I have no idea what I should upload. I seriously have no time to blog and I have to VJ for CO-LAB tomorrow and the day after. Now I start to question myself why I am so busy even after the school holiday has already started 2 to 3 weeks ago. Woah 2 to 3 weeks! Time flies so fast! Let's see why I am so busy.......

(1) As mentioned I have to prepare the video footages for CO-LAB, Qilala and I took 2 weeks to learn, figure out and become a VJ for today's rehearsal. I can't believe we took only 2 weeks.
(2) Last week I composed and played for NUS malay theatre performance and it is still ongoing.
(3) Preferably by this week I can finish the arrangement for 2 of my compositions and send it to FM's and Jim's email.
(4) This friday my piano teacher is back and I have to practice and play fluently for my exam piece.
(5) Hopefully I have the extra time, I wanted to submit my piano composition to a piano composition and the deadline is in June.
(6) My younger brother's birthday is on the 27th May and I need to buy his present! Sorry bro your sister failed you. I have always bought my brother's birthday present at least 2 weeks before his birthday and next week is his birthday already!

This week I am so so packed. Saturday I have to watch Tana's stardust performance and Sunday my uncle has a Mothers' Day celebration event. Friday in the afternoon I may have to go the NUS to finish up the songs.

OH MY!!!! I'M SERIOUSLY TIRED PEOPLE... If there are 2 me, life will be super awesome... :(