Friday, May 24, 2013

Friend or Foe!

Some time back I've submitted "Friend or Foe" to XQRJ and it went into the TOP 10 finals. It was really astonishing as I did not expect Friend or Foe actually made its way through TOP 10. The competition was really fun and stressful. I could not think of any other words to describe it as it happened 3 months ago. Now to think of it, it seemed unreal to me, nothing seems real. But oh well I'll just share "Friend or Foe", some photos and videos that happened during the competition.

Credits: Most of the photos come from XQRJ committee/organizer.

The TOP 10 result on Facebook
We went to perform at a hospital.

I don't know why I give the super unhappy face here...

Eww I'm so ugly here...

We went to perform at CRISTOFORI.

I went for an interview at a radio station, YES93.3.

We secretly video our rehearsal down. SHHSS!

One of our practice video played by Jones, Bin and I.


Wondering what we did at the backstage?

It wasn't for my bandmates Jones, Qilala, Yanhua, Bin bin and Htet who helped me, my song will not be so rock! It wasn't for my family and friends who came and support which made me don't look so lonely on the competition day. It wasn't for all my friends, acquaintances, family, relatives, friends' friends, friends' family, friends' relatives, friends' colleague, uncles and aunties' surrounding people, bandmates' friends and my you you's friends I wouldn't have 600 plus likes on Facebook. It was great and I greatly appreciate it.

However, this is just a path that I walked before and I will keep on progressing as a better composer.