Friday, May 31, 2013


Just now I tweeted about drop outs and this is what I've tweeted: "There are 2 kinds of dropouts. The 1st one, too smart and school is not a place for u. 2nd, you just couldn't make it."

 Few hours ago I was logging into my dad's Facebook and I wanted to update his profile. So we had this conversation:

Me: "Dad, which high school did you study? High School Muar?"

Dad: "Yes."

Me: "Wait, did you graduate from there?"

Dad: "I did not."

Me: "So that means I cannot write that down in your profile right?"

Dad: "I don't give a damn about Facebook."

Me: "Ok... Then dad why did you force me to study university? You did not even complete your secondary school education..."

Dad: "That's different. If I were to complete my education, I might become a normal salaryman. But you have to get a better education qualification to marry a better man."

Me: "Is that so? I thought you were against me marrying?"

Dad: "......"

When I was studying in Secondary school, some of my classmates said that education is not important. But before you want to give up your education, you have to think whether which category you belong to. The 1st one or the 2nd one. Do you have enough creativity or business brain to succeed in life? Apparently I do not have it so I'm still pursuing my education.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Writing diary decrease the risk of getting depression?

Few months ago I came across this yahoo article that mentioned about writing diary would decrease the risk of getting depression. So I'm throwing back a question, does writing diary really decrease the risk of having depression?

Writing comments or short sentences on Facebook, Twitter, Path or Google+ are actually different types ways to express your thoughts which you can also call it "public diaries." This also include blogging. The difference between blogging and social media are the words limit and the uploading speed. Lastly, the old way is to write it using a pen and a book and keep it in your drawer.

In my personal opinion, I do not think so. One of my friend name Jones quit twitter because tweeting made her tweet lots of depressing stuff, making her even more depressed. So it shows that writing dairy does not really work.

Why I think that writing diary does not prevent depression? Ok this is why...
In the past I wrote depressing words or drew depressing pictures in my diary to vent my frustration, anger and sadness. When I read it months later or even years later, I felt that same negative emotion. I started self pitying myself and started to feel that all the bad things were going to happen again. Honestly it did not cure the scar but it deepens the scar. It was until I came across this YouTube video that mentioned writing positive things in your diary can actually create positive thinking which invites more positivity to your life. Then I started writing motivational words to myself. For example,
"I may be sad now but it is a process that I'm going through. It's okay because tomorrow is gonna be a better day. If you yourself don't believe in yourself, then no one else is gonna believe in you."

The things that you write really does make a difference. If you wanna write a emo post, it's okay but always say I'm emo now but I have friends and my family who will be always there with me. Start with negative comments and summarize with a positive encouragement for yourself. In this way, yes writing a diary really does help decreasing the risk of getting depression. Sadly most of the people does not know how to write a diary.

I came across a few of my social media friends that are sad and angry but saying that they are not. Firstly, they started off shooting people. They mentioned "go get a life", or "I will do what I want..." or "If you hurt me, I will ...." It's sad to deny that you are sad. Some people love to hurt others to cure their  wounds. In return, if you are hurt you use social media as a frustration to attack them, it will only look like you are emotionally unstable. I have tried that before, and when no one cares, a single post or a single comment is just enough. Why don't try writing something to comfort yourself instead of writing something to attack or judge them back. On a certain level, it really does not benefit you. It is sad but this is life...

To summarize this, it is the way you write that helps you get more depressed or less. This post is just an opinion of how I see that yahoo article.

Signing off!!! :D

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friend or Foe!

Some time back I've submitted "Friend or Foe" to XQRJ and it went into the TOP 10 finals. It was really astonishing as I did not expect Friend or Foe actually made its way through TOP 10. The competition was really fun and stressful. I could not think of any other words to describe it as it happened 3 months ago. Now to think of it, it seemed unreal to me, nothing seems real. But oh well I'll just share "Friend or Foe", some photos and videos that happened during the competition.

Credits: Most of the photos come from XQRJ committee/organizer.

The TOP 10 result on Facebook
We went to perform at a hospital.

I don't know why I give the super unhappy face here...

Eww I'm so ugly here...

We went to perform at CRISTOFORI.

I went for an interview at a radio station, YES93.3.

We secretly video our rehearsal down. SHHSS!

One of our practice video played by Jones, Bin and I.


Wondering what we did at the backstage?

It wasn't for my bandmates Jones, Qilala, Yanhua, Bin bin and Htet who helped me, my song will not be so rock! It wasn't for my family and friends who came and support which made me don't look so lonely on the competition day. It wasn't for all my friends, acquaintances, family, relatives, friends' friends, friends' family, friends' relatives, friends' colleague, uncles and aunties' surrounding people, bandmates' friends and my you you's friends I wouldn't have 600 plus likes on Facebook. It was great and I greatly appreciate it.

However, this is just a path that I walked before and I will keep on progressing as a better composer. 


Vesak Day! Let's Upload some MUSIC!

Yeah today is Vesak day, a public holiday after a long time. I'm gonna share some of my compositions which I've uploaded some time back in SoundCloud.


A dub-pop song written by me. Yeah and the lyric is about me frustrated about the rain. You've got it and I know it is lame.

Cough Concerto

A musik concrete piece also written by me. It's a electronic sound/noise music and people who love electronic music, you guys rock. If you don't appreciate it, you guys rock too.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My blog has revived!

Yeah last night I mentioned I did not feel like uploading the photos and today I finished uploading all the photos, chose a background skin and now I'm off for CO-LAB!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Previous Photos Are Gone!

Ok all my previous photos that I've uploaded since day 1 are all GONE! I've accidentally synced my google+ account to my dad's phone while helping him to download some app and music and my dad deleted all my google+ photos. Therefore all my photos in my blog were gone FOREVER!!! I seriously have no intentions of uploading all my previous photos because I have no time and patience to browse through what I have written over the past 2 to 3 years, so I will leave it as it is.

In addition to that, my blog background is currently black in colour as I have no idea what I should upload. I seriously have no time to blog and I have to VJ for CO-LAB tomorrow and the day after. Now I start to question myself why I am so busy even after the school holiday has already started 2 to 3 weeks ago. Woah 2 to 3 weeks! Time flies so fast! Let's see why I am so busy.......

(1) As mentioned I have to prepare the video footages for CO-LAB, Qilala and I took 2 weeks to learn, figure out and become a VJ for today's rehearsal. I can't believe we took only 2 weeks.
(2) Last week I composed and played for NUS malay theatre performance and it is still ongoing.
(3) Preferably by this week I can finish the arrangement for 2 of my compositions and send it to FM's and Jim's email.
(4) This friday my piano teacher is back and I have to practice and play fluently for my exam piece.
(5) Hopefully I have the extra time, I wanted to submit my piano composition to a piano composition and the deadline is in June.
(6) My younger brother's birthday is on the 27th May and I need to buy his present! Sorry bro your sister failed you. I have always bought my brother's birthday present at least 2 weeks before his birthday and next week is his birthday already!

This week I am so so packed. Saturday I have to watch Tana's stardust performance and Sunday my uncle has a Mothers' Day celebration event. Friday in the afternoon I may have to go the NUS to finish up the songs.

OH MY!!!! I'M SERIOUSLY TIRED PEOPLE... If there are 2 me, life will be super awesome... :(