Monday, February 4, 2013

Who You Are Cover (Jessie.J)

Hi! Today I'm going to share a cover for Jessie.J's Who You Are sang by Keertana! Apparently I have not upload it in YouTube yet, but I will upload it soon! I named ourselves "Tanabi", named with 2 of our names combined together. Please click on the video below to check it out!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Voice of a Little Singaporean

I just wanted to tweet something regarding my little voice as a Singaporean but twitter has a limited amount of words I can type so I will just blog about it instead.

Few years ago when I was studying in Polytechnic, my lecturer asked us about Singapore's identity. As I was on the way back home just now, I remembered this question as I looked outside from the cab's window.

Singapore do have her own identity, her identity is her "fast speed in changing". Everything including the infrastructure, buildings, people, animals and trees are always changing. New faces came to Singapore, old faces left Singapore and never came back. It's sad. What made us even depressed was the sudden overcrowding that every Singaporean has to adapt to in such a short time. It seems that Singaporean's emotion and morale are ignored. Singapore is a country that is well known for governing like a company, I do not mind if it is govern this way. But when I came across an internet article yesterday, it stated that boosting your workers' morale would increase in a company's productivity and efficiency. So I really hope that our voice will not be ignored.

I do appreciate what the government has done. The government has provide tuition grant for Lasalle students and before my batch, there was no tuition grant for students studying degree. I am appreciative of this and because of this subsidy, my dad gave more approval for me to study in Lasalle. It would be nice if more attention is given to the music industry. For example subsidy for music students who want to apply for busking. Music equipments are very expensive. A mac itself is so expensive and it's compulsory for every student to have one or you would not be able to do your project at home. Interfaces, transducers, instruments and books all need money and it is seriously expensive. If we could busk and earn some additional income to lower the burden that we gave our parents, it would be seriously great.

I do not request much as a little Singaporean but I hope to see improvement in the music industry and education. This article is about the voice of a little Singaporean.