Friday, October 12, 2012


Finally I'm 21 already... I don't know I should be happy about it or be sad about it. I'm happy because I had an interesting and fun party but sad that I'm a year older.... NOOO! Time flies really fast and it is really too fast before I could react to anything. Oh man what am I typing about.

The theme of my party was: "Sports Marathon". I wanted to plan something like running man and it turned out to be different. In my opinion, the running man was a failed one. Oh well... Never mind. Apparently my friends loved the food... of course they should love it as it was really expensive. If they disliked the food, most likely my reaction would be T-T. Yeah sad! I ordered the Japanese cuisine from Stamford catering, I heard from my friends that Stamford catering provides quality food and can be really expensive. From my point of view, the quality of the food really does match up with the cost. Enough of the blabbering... I going to show the Japanese cuisine! Ok the picture doesn't look that tasty but that doesn't mean that it's not delicious.

I guess I really did have a pretty cool birthday party though at some point of the time it was kind of boring and awkward. I must really thank Aylwyn, Bryan and Steve for settling most of the problematic stuff doing that day, such as the deco, games, placing the furnitures and food. In addition to that, I must not leave out Sam and Jethro for helping me with the deco too. Last but not least I am grateful to people who had attended my party on that day. It will be super saddening if no one attended the party. Thanks people!

Before I conclude this, I have something to type to Marvin Teo though I know he doesn't read my blog. "Even though you gave me snowball, that doesn't mean I'm not unhappy with you breaking your promise. And you actually sent me Taiwan's club photos and forget to wish me happy birthday until I remind you. You are such a "nice" godbrother. I will always remember this bro! Snowball is going to stare at you tonight bro!"

Ok I'm done with this... Till the next time!