Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm somebody who is very cool with emotions. When it comes to love, oh my god and I'm actually writing about this, I don't like to go in too deep. I once tweeted that "I treated you like how I touch the surface of the water because I don't want to get drenched." Actually I am really writing about how I treated the opposite sex. I actually thought that maybe one day I met a special someone my perspective would start to shift but till today I have not met the person. Or is it impossible to meet that kind of person?

One of my best friend actually told me that if I were to never get married, I can become his children's godmother and once in a while they would try to come visit me. He would try to whenever they have the time. When I heard that sentences came out from his mouth, I was really super sad. Then I asked myself am I always going to be alone forever?What is this?! Is he pitying me? My god!!!!

He also asked me to lower my standards. Actually is not that I don't lower my standards but I really don't feel anything. Why don't just conclude this that I'm helpless. I think I should.

Or maybe I scare I go into a r/s I would lose my freedom. Freedom is really very important to me as I don't like to be tied down. The world is so big and I realized how tiny I am, it's like asking me to work even harder and become a useful person one day. In this case, how can I be tied down by a person?

I don't know. Maybe that's the case or maybe I think too much.

Aaron's birthday

Not to miss that 12 of July was my elder brother's birthday! Here are some pics!

Friday, July 13, 2012

China, Kaiping Trip

I went to Kaiping from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July. Together with my dad, mum, uncle, aunt and cousin, we went there to get to know more about how our ancestors' way of living in the past and attended some Seto association activities.

Below are some photos that I would like to share.