Thursday, May 17, 2012

Music school that cheats money

The money cheater incident actually should have ended already but I am just unhappy with that cheat money teacher. If somebody can help me get my money back I would be more than happy. Towards the end of last month that teacher MSG me to arrange a class and apparently I have something on so I cancelled it. Then on he did not contact me anymore. He still owe me 12 hours and 15 mins but I don't feel like going for class. I don't have the time too because I am super busy.

If I don't get the money back, I feel I just throw my money into a deep sea? I feel like asking an authority to help out but how can I do it?

This is something to do with integrity and moral values. Apparently he has none. I have to emphasis again this people's park complex music school is just sucking my money. I am going to ask around how to solve this problem and hopefully somebody can help me.