Thursday, May 24, 2012


There comes a time when you will get to experience something new and show your inexperience. Just recently I went to a music school to teach violin. The first week of class was disastrous as I did not know what to do. I was given the task to teach students who are preparing to go for their exams in a few months time, in addition to that, I have to handle 2 5 years old kids.

During the first day of work, I went to meet the previous violin teacher who was supposed to hand over his student. Apparently he kept questioning me in front of his students. He vented his unhappiness towards me as the principal wanted him to leave right away. This has left me super clueless and irritated with how the principal solve this problem.

 In my previous perception, my violin teacher told me how good being a violin teacher was. He said I do not have to deal with too much social problems, the people I have to deal with are the parents and students. However it happened that I have to deal with the school staffs and impolitely the poor management after the violin teacher left.

Of course I know where I stand at this point of time. I am somebody who is lacking of experience and this school has given me the opportunity. From then on, I learn to endure. However endurance will be used up one day.