Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dream Jobs

When I was studying in kindergarten, my teacher asked us what kind of job I wanted to do. I did not really understand what she said and I copied what my classmate wrote... Which is a nurse.

As I grew older, at the age of 10, I started to really think about what I wanted to do in the future. Apparently I had 2 choices, one was to be an interior designer and my second choice was to become a teacher.

My dad works as an interior designer so like some kids, I wanted to grow up to be like my dad. So interior designer was one of my choices.

In addition to that, when I was younger, I used to be always lonely at home and the boys at home did not really liked mixing with me, the only girl. So when I went up to my brother and cousins and volunteered to teach them, at least I had an opportunity to talk to them. This motivated me to become a teacher when I grew older.

However my dream careers started to shift when I entered Secondary school. I realized my results are too lousy to become a teacher so I gave this dream up. I continued to study design and technology in secondary 3 to plan to become an interior designer in the future. I also started to have another dream career, I wanted to become a musician. However I realized that my piano and violin skills are seriously lacking behind as compared to my friends. Even if I want to become a musician, I believed that I could only dream about it.

I carried on and studied architecture in the hopes of my father though I wanted to apply for the interior designer. He kept telling me that interior design is not as good as architecture so I chose architecture as my first choice and entered into that course.

However I don't like this course that I studied so after I graduate last year, I decided to work as an interior design course. I have to admit that I love that job but I don't want to become a duplicate of my dad. It is seriously very pressurizing to have my dad's shadow following me everywhere.

I gave up that job and continue to pursue music. Never did I expected that I would enroll into Lasalle! Oh my god! Something that I always leave it in my dreams actually became a reality.

Currently because I needed to earn some school fees so I went to become a violin teacher. So unexpected that I became a teacher myself.

Life is seriously full of surprises. Jobs that I wanted to do when I was young actually all came true! But I left with one goal that I had not achieved.

I wanted to become a successful composer! Hopefully one day I could sell my song.

I finally have a lifelong career that I wanted. I wanted to be a musician till the day I leave this world.