Friday, April 6, 2012

LASALLE Enrollment

Today is a public holiday (Good Friday) so everyone is resting at home! In addition to that, today is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday dad!

2 days ago I went to LASALLE to submit my school fees so it is confirmed that I have enrolled into the school. I am so happy!

On 31st of March they were having their 1st audition and I was super anxious as they did not inform me. So the day before, I called them and asked them when is my audition scheduled. To my surprise, they said that I do not need to go for the audition/interview. I was very shocked! Asking myself: "Am I not chosen for the course?!" After a few seconds, I felt very relieved to hear that I have entered into the course without having to go for their audition/interview! I kept asking: "Really?!" to have it confirmed as I couldn't believe my ears.

I have been wondering since that day if there is actually a audition/interview for students wanting to enroll into the music technology course. Maybe a portfolio is good enough? Anyway anything is just fine, if I were to go for the audition/interview, I would be shivering when the time comes.

Before I hung up the phone, the lady said she would send me the forms for enrollment later in the afternoon. Since then I have been checking the email every few hours worrying that I have heard wrongly. 2 to 3 days later, the letter of the enrollment has arrived at my mail box. I was like oh?! Why do I need to check my email every few hours when they sent me by postage.

After filling up and preparing the school fees, I went down to the school to submit my forms and fees. After that, I went to meet Anita in town.

I am so so looking forward to going to school! LASALLE here I come!

When I was in 1st year or 2nd year of poly, I visited LASALLE to do a project. I took pictures and drew some sketches of the building. I did not know that I am going to study there now. At that time I was wondering why my school doesn't have a nice building like LASALLE.

Woah life is full of surprises!  

It is such a nice school! School is opening on August and it is full of mystery to me now. I am so curious what is going to happen on the 1st day of school.