Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saying Bye

Last Saturday, my lyrics teacher was talking about someone who has left the world. Every time this topic arises, I felt like crying. During the class, when she mentioned about someone leaving the world, the first thing that come across my mind was my grandfather's death and next my grandaunt's death.

My grandfather's death actually did not really impact me a lot. It also seemed like my siblings and cousins were not affected by it. The only one that was seriously affected by this incident was my father. I still remember the day after my grandfather passed away, my dad was sitting at the dining table crying like mad. He kept blaming himself and said to himself why he did not save his father. I still remember that strong guilt that he kept in his heart and this is what has affected me. I felt really sad about it. So whenever I talked about my grandfather I would not have much emotions but whenever I was about to talk about my dad, I cannot control my tears. It just flows down.

 Another person was my grandaunt. My grandmother used to be very bias and my grandaunt was the one who used to protect me. Whenever she came to my house I was super super happy. She was like a superwoman who came to my rescue. Then her health starts to deteriorate when she slipped and fall. That is why old people should avoid slipping. From then on, she stopped coming to my house because she has got difficulty walking. Few years has passed and I went to study Secondary school, she finally came to my house. I was so happy and was scootering all over the house, but I don't know how to talk to her so I just kept smiling. Toot right?! Yes! And that was the last time I met her. After that day, I heard from my parents that her health was getting from bad to worse and I tried to ignore it. Until one day, I simply cannot remember when, I heard the news from my parents that she has passed away. I thought I would be ok with it but tears flow down my eyes when I tried to get to sleep. Though I don't feel sad but I missed her that's why I cried. I know that when she is gone here, there is a better place for her after she has left us.