Thursday, March 22, 2012


I seriously think that people should respect one another and not force their thoughts on other people. Even though on the surface I do not look like my flames are burning, but actually inside me the lava is already seeping out.

Recently I encountered this private teacher of mine who is very forceful. But what made me pissed off is that he said that my vocal teacher is lousy and he is better. I was sitting there smiling back to him and at the same time analyzing his problematic character.

Last month I approached him to help me to record my portfolio, he seemed very uninterested. So I said if he did not want to help, I can always ask other music teachers to help me. But it really does not make any sense to me since I am submitting my arrangement for the enrollment. When he heard that, he immediately changed his mind. He decided to help me and I was relieved.

He then started to quote me but that time I was dumb and I did not know that I was cheated. I went to another studio and found out that their equipments are far more better and have better insulation which is $10/- lesser than what he quoted. He stated that he had given me a student price and what the hell is this call a student price?! See I got cheated by my own teacher and I am very dumb.

After that, I went to an equipment shop and asked the shop keeper why the interface I bought could not connect to my condenser mic. He replied and said that my interface has no phantom power. That interface was recommended by my teacher and why didn't he tell me? In case you do not know, condenser mic can only be connected to an interface that has a phantom power.

-_-" *Dots....*

When I started to learn from him last year, I realized something very awkward. He claimed that I am having individual classes so he collected individual school fees from me. But there are 3 rooms so sometimes he was walking in and out within these 3 rooms, teaching me and his 2 other vocal and composing students at the same time. This is the first time I have encounter something so amazing because none of my teachers did that.

In addition to that, I always have to confirm my lessons on the day itself. I was wondering he must be thinking that I live beside the school when the fact that I need to take an hour to go there. I find this very amazing so after 2 months I approached him and gave him a month notice that I would stop learning. My excuse was I was working so my time could not make it to the time he arranged. Then he shocked me. He used a very loud tone and questioned me why I am reprimanding him.  I am speechless and felt threatened, as usual I am a coward so I continue learning from him.

He thought my ears were deaf and he was scolding me to some other guy on the next door. See how bad his insulation was and how can he quote until so expensive. I seriously don't get it at all.

Just beware as some music schools are out there to cheat money.