Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Fire!

This story has happened for quite some time already, it happened when I was in poly 2nd year. My cousin asked me to watch "Paranormal Activity" with him and his counselor. I was like ok let's go and watch this midnight movie. But when I came home, I seriously could not sleep that night and was constantly thinking about the demon pulling the main lead's leg. OH MY! The scene of the movie just kept on circulating in my head and I finally get to sleep when it was 5am or 6am in the morning.

The next morning around 10am or 11am, my mum kept shouting "On fire! On fire!" and woke me up. I was thinking "Why must you be so noisy and I want to sleep, use water and put off the fire la." But seriously it was too noisy that I have to get up. When I walked out of the bedroom, I was stunned. As in really stunned and blanked out. The fire was coming from my store room and the flames were spilling out from the door. I finally understood why it could not be put out by water. The scene of the paranormal activity flashed across my head, the main lead's house was once on fire too. Stupid to think of that because I just woke up and still thinking about that show.

After a few minutes, I came to my senses and grabbed my mother. I asked her where the maid was as her room was actually the store room! My mum ignored me. Then I asked again and she finally replied: "She went to the market with my dad." I was relieved to hear that she was not caught in the fire.

The next thing that came to my mind was to escape! Escape! (So cowardly as how I seemed to be.) So I walked towards the entrance while I saw some people trying to save the fire. Apparently when I was sleeping, a guy who was selling insurance to my mum happened to be at my house. He was also kind of lucky to encounter this. So this insurance seller together with my elder brother, cousin and mum was trying to save the fire. As I walked towards the entrance, my mum asked me to contact my dad and she passed me the phone.

I was too shocked that I could not stand still so I squat at the entrance while I saw my cousin running out to get a pail. Apparently one of my Indian neighbour came out standing at the corridor as my cousin approached her. She asked "What happen? What happen?" My cousin replied: "Fire! Fire!" She said: "Is it true?" My cousin was looking kind of pissed and replied: "Ya! The! Do you have a pail?" Finally she understood that the situation was real so she quickly went to get a pail for us.

On the other hand, I was squatting down thinking that calling my dad was useless so I dialed 995. As I dialed the phone, my hands were shivering and I could not speak properly over the phone but it seemed that they understood what I was talking about. Then I walked back to my house and see whether I could be of any help. I went to fetch the pail while waiting for the water to fill up the pail.

At the same time, the fire was burning furiously. The four people who was in the house trying to save the fire were running all over the place to get the pail. Then my mum went up to me and asked me if I called my dad, I replied that I had not. She was annoyed by it and asked me to pass the phone to her. I was thinking that my dad could not save the fire, only the fireman could do that so I called the fireman. What is wrong with that?!

Gradually neighbours living upstairs and downstairs came to my house and took a look. They also brought their pails with them not long after. But the fire was still burning! My mum went out to look for the hose reel but the door jammed! Shit! She walked in and out twice. The second time she came out, I was standing beside her and I saw the fire alarm! I just smashed the fire alarm glass without thinking and pressed it. The lift at my block stopped working. We were then alarmed by the fire alarm and I forgot what we did after that. Not long after the guard came up and opened the jammed door. He took the hose reel and helped out put out the fire. We were saved! The fire was put out!

Then 2 fire engines came! I was shocked! Oops maybe it was because I dialed once and my neighbour helped to dial once too. The problem lies with the fire has already been put off and why were they there? Finally, my dad came home with the maid. The maid looked total stunned as her room has been burned. Not long later, the policemen came. They asked me something which made me felt funny. They asked me if I need an ambulance as I used my bare hands to break the fire alarm glass. Of course I replied "I do not need it." My mum was slightly burned by the fire but she did not need the ambulance too.

The aftermath of this was the storeroom and utility room was burned and flooded with water. The water pipe at the utility burst but water could still be used. The DV box was the cause of the fire so we had no electricity. So we had temporary lights all over the house and our nice house looked devastated. Not long later I messaged Sam Wee, Mel and Mar to tell them my house was burned. Apparently I went to stay at Wee's house for 2 days so I'm so thankful for her hospitality. I guess the reason why the fire was so big is because the storeroom had a few bottles of cooking oil.

What did this accident tell me? It tells me to change my DV more often so it won't catch fire.