Saturday, March 31, 2012

Money Cheater!

Yesterday I was super super happy because when I called LASALLE, they said I am chosen to enroll into LASALLE! *Clap hands* But I need to receive a confirmation email to confirm this so I will just save this happy event for another post.

But sadly, after I receive this happy news, I have to head to my music arrangement class and it totally flared me up. Yes he is the same person as the previous post "Respect." When he came out of the class to ask me to go in, not long after he mentioned: "Did you bring your last school fees?" I was thinking what a money face he is and I replied I did.

Usually I have to pay the fees for 4 lessons every month regardless whether the lesson is cleared or not on that month. So at the end of the course we will accumulate a certain amount of hours which have not been cleared. In addition to that like I am late for 15 mins or he is late for 15 to 30 mins, it is also added to the hours that are not cleared. What I find ridiculous is that he said we have to extend the course because there is not enough time to finish the course and I have to pay the fees as usual.

Excuse me! Why would I need to do that? The course clearly stated that it is 9 months and you should just clear it, why would you request for more money?! He also say that he needed to extend the course so in the end my mum gave him a call.

The conclusion after she called was we would extend a month because we have to give a month notice. I was finding it so so weird! The hours that he had owe me should be around a month and now I am giving him a month notice. Is this not call a month notice? My mum was thinking let's put an end to this and just give him the school fee.

Then yesterday, he sat down and calculated the hours he owe me and it was 11 hours! And I gave him another month school fee so now in total, he owe me 13 hours 45 minutes! I will just bold it big  

13 hours 45 minutes!

He is very thick skin! Another way of saying is he owe me 3 months plus of lessons. Stupid enough he said that it is not enough to clear the things he wanted to teach me. Excuse me but why? Just finish off with the main points and end this misery of mine can? 

If I extend this course right, won't it be like forever he is owing me the lessons he missed.

Usually I respect my teachers so I will not talk back or whatever. But yesterday I talked back to him and in a louder tone and it sounded that I am insulting him and scolding him. When I scold people, usually it is not like this. Yesterday I just merely stating the truth but in a louder volume than I usually speak to him.

Actually I wanted to keep it anonymous but to prevent people from getting cheated I would just say that it is a music school near Chinatown MRT station. 

So beware!

So in the end, I apologized for my behavior to him but I so not going to apologize to him for the things I have said. He asked me to forgot about what has happen yesterday but who will forgot seriously... He must be thinking I am gullible.

I am upset with myself for flaring up but I will not be upset for hurting you please...