Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making the Correct Decisions

The next few posts most likely I would be sharing my stories because I need to lighten my backpack or because I just feel like sharing.

I really love to play piano a lot a lot. But there was a time when I was suffering from severe stress. When I was in Secondary school, I was having classes like piano, violin, music theory and having tuition of course after school. When I was in school, I would go to participate in my CCA, which is concert band after class. Sounds crazy and I did mention it in my previous post. When I just entered Secondary school, my school results was pretty fine. But as mentioned above, I was so busy that my results dropped. I was so so so devastated.

In addition to that, I lost my best friend because we quarreled and I seriously did not know how to get along with my classmates. That time it seemed like I get along with my classmates but in my heart I felt like rejecting them. Even if I wanted to talk to them and share with them the stress I am facing, they did not understand. Ok I can understand why they did not get it, and who ask me to be so busy? All of them would reply to me like that.

If you have read one of my previous post, my violin teacher asked me to continue learning violin. So I did not give up. I ended up approaching my piano teacher. I told her I was very stressed and I wanted to give up learning piano. After the lesson ended, she went up to me and said a few sentences that have impacted me. She told me that she could see that I really love to play piano and if I give up it would be too pitiful. The words of persuasion she used made me stopped and thought about it. She asked me to go home and reconsider first.

So I went home to reconsider and recall the time when my dad objected me to play piano, how much passion I have shown him to let me play and all those stuff that was not easy to come by. Piano was not easy to come by, and just persuading my dad to let me learn how to play the piano took 4 years. Then I came up with the solution and it was to leave concert band. This is the final solution and I meant it.

Woah then 3 teachers came up to me when I wanted to leave the CCA. I was like "What are all the teachers doing? Are they trying to drive me crazy?" I made this decision because I have thought through and left with no other choice. School teachers just don't get it and yes I don't like to blow the clarinet so I came up with this decision and what is wrong with it. Out of 3 of the teachers, 1 of them was my form teacher, she happened to be best friend with the band in charge teacher. Why so kaypo? So my form teacher talked to my mum and said if I leave the concert band, she have to ensure that my results will become better. My mum agreed to set me free because she saw that I was suffering.

Then few months later, my English result dropped and my form teacher suan me in front of the class. From that day onwards I don't like CCA and find it troublesome and I find that school teachers are annoying. Sorry to say that but my English result also did not become better until 3 months before my 'O's my mum hired an English tutor for me. The English tutor made me understand better and I started to stop rejecting English.

If I did not recall wrongly, one of the teachers also mentioned why I have to learn a lot of things. Meaning they wanted me to continue staying in band and give up my outside lessons. This is how I analyzed: I have been staying in band for 3 years, I have learned what I needed to learn and of course it benefited me. But blow clarinet can get me no where. Most of the music that I have arranged so far have piano and strings, there is once I have tried to add clarinet in it and it sounded so weird. Maybe it is because I do not know how to make it better, oh well...

I really love to play piano so I did not give up until today. Lucky I made the correct decision at that time, or else I would regret. If you have so many things in your hands and you have to give up one which one would you choose? Of course you would choose the least beneficial and something you do not enjoy the most right? Shi bu shi ma.