Friday, February 17, 2012

Interesting week

These few days I am experiencing lots of interesting stories. Though I have been updating my twitter most of the time but I have not been updating my blog. -_-

Let's rewind!

My health is always a big problem to me and I have visited the doctor many times, then I came to a conclusion that my illness cannot be cured so I just left it as how it is for years. I am suffering from gastric problems, cramps everywhere and digestion problems. Until recently I am suffering from headache. Yes it sounds serious so I am left with no choice but to visit a doctor.

I visited my uncle who is a Chinese doctor and he said that I have low blood pressure which resulted to cramps, indigestion, headache and dizziness. In addition to that, as usual I have my gastric problems. Maybe you may know that Chinese medicine need to take some time for one to be fully recovered so I have to visit the doctor more frequently after I eat finish my medicine. I find this troublesome but oh well... This shows that I have not been taking care of myself.

I thought this will be the end of it. But no! Since the week before my piano teacher lost her voice and has been coughing throughout the lesson. Every time she coughed, I would turn and look at her thinking:" Don't spread to me! Don't spread to me!" In the end, YES! She spread her virus to me! -_-" So yesterday I went to visit my uncle again and I am diagnosed with H1N3. Don't worry, this flu is currently very common in Singapore. But if it gets worse, I will have to be quarantined. Let's pray for my recovery! T_T

Let's stop with the illnesses, viruses and sicknesses.

Last Tuesday I went to Millet Music School opened by my vocal teacher. It has been such a long time that I actually have the feeling that I am attending vocal classes. He brief us that this September we would be taking LCM pop vocal exams, therefore we would have to tighten our belts and prepare for it. So go go go!

I have also received a letter from ABRSM stating that my piano exam is on 1st of March, so GO! GO! GO! again.

Nice stories also have a day when it will come to an end. My lyrics class has ended last Thursday, but I do not feel like it has ended already as there are still follow-up classes though. To commemorate our last lesson, we took a class photo.

Last Saturday is also a fun and interesting day. It's my friend's 21st birthday. So sweet! I had a lot of fun and of course we took some photo too!

Of course we must not miss 14 February Valentines' day right?! Sad is that I am still single. But I am dragged into making chocolate the day before Valentine by my fellow friends.

During Valentines' day, I went to Malaysia again. I did not take any photo as it was the same places I went to like the last time. However there is something different! The wanton noodle is just amazing! The noodles are very soft and bouncy! The meat and wanton are soft and nice. *Yum* *Yum*! I went there in the morning and came back in the evening so there was not much we can do.

I guess I will stop here for today! So bye!