Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm amazed by this! & Happy CNY!

I am seriously amazed by this group. They are seriously amazing and I kept repeating the video again and again.

I prefer "Fame" as compared to "The Boys." Oh my god... when they sang "Fame!" It sounds so nice and warm as though it has touched my heart. I am going to cry... It is not because the song is sad but the way they sang "Fame" is too beautiful that you will feel like crying. Or maybe I'm exaggerating? But seriously I am engross with the beautiful voices they have and their harmony is just so outstanding that I felt like standing up to clap and wave my hands.

It is such a pity that they could not form a group after this competition. I really love them very much!

I am going to wish you a belated Happy Chinese New Year! Have you had fun? I went to my relatives' house to pay a happy visit. Hmm perhaps I did have fun but I spent most of my time composing and arranging, I just arranged finish a song named "Friend or Foe" few days back. I finished writing this song on the 8th of January but because I am learning how to use FL Studio so it took some time. Because of this song, I spent most of the time thinking of the past when I am not supposed to be doing this during Chinese New Year. I wrote this song when I was thinking about my grandfather and the times how my family pull through. My thoughts started to grow wild, it is like you keep entering into an endless tunnel but do not know when the tunnel will end. As I recalled the past, I started to connect to the present. I am seriously thinking too much. I realised that my dad used to dote on me a lot when I was in Primary school. As I entered into Secondary school, me and my dad started to drift further away. I felt so sad that tears just flow down from my eyes. Good enough my emo did not go to waste. The next day, my inspiration struck me and I wrote finish another song the day before, but I have not written the lyrics yet. I have written an apologetic song for my dad after reflecting on what I did. It just happen that 13 to 18 years old is a time for human being to be rebellious. Ok E-X-C-U-S-E!

So I'm working on this song now... Isn't it suppose to be Chinese New Year and I am thinking about this, however during Chinese New Year I am happy at one minute the next minute I can be emo and the next one minute I am happy again. I am weird.

Ok I am off track again and this is supposed to be an amazed topic, so be amazed by SuuPearls like I did! Bye!