Friday, January 13, 2012

A visit to the dentist

I went to the dentist today morning and my dentist say that I have 2 stubborn teeth that are not moving well enough therefore I have to wear the Invisalign for another 32 weeks. My reaction was: "Huh... So long." He replied: "Yes I know it is very long. Because we want to have a better result. Just treat it as you are wearing retainers." So for a better result, I have to endure for another 32 weeks. Actually wearing Invisalign does not cause too much pain to my gum except for once when I changed a week earlier due to miscalculations. It does cause some inconvenience, the movement of the teeth caused my teeth to become weak and I cannot eat nuts or popcorn. Honestly I cannot really bite properly as there is a gap between my upper and lower rows of teeth. What to do... I want to have a nice smile. :D

The difference between Invisalign and braces is that one is invisible and one is not. I also have heard that when you are having ulcers, wearing braces would cause a lot of pain. However this does not happen when I am wearing Invisalign so far, I have no issues with the pain caused by ulcers. Hmmm... Initially I thought that if I wear Invisalign, my speech would not be affected. Oh no no no, that is wrong. My words pronunciation has become worse, especially when I speak Chinese. I used to have some people correcting my English but it seems that I have been receiving corrections for my Chinese now. Lastly I would like to point out the most troublesome situation when I am wearing Invisalign. Before I eat, I would always need to find a toilet to take my Invisalign out and wash them. It can be troublesome.   

Ok after wearing for quite some time, I am going to calculate when I am going to finish this treatment. Supposedly before I wore it, the dentist said that he would give me 20 sets and each set I have to wear for 2 weeks.

Originally I have to wear for: 40 weeks

Few months ago, my teeth are not moving as fast as it was planned to so I wore a set for an additional 2 more weeks. After that before I flew to Adelaide, I was wearing my 18th set and I visited the dentist. He told me to hold on to this set of Invisalign first as there are refinements to be made. They took a mould from me once again and sent to US. It dragged until today the dentist placed the attachments back again.

18 sets x 2 weeks = 36 weeks
36 weeks + 2 weeks = 38 weeks
38 + 7 weeks of waiting = 45 weeks

Therefore I have been wearing the Invisalign for 45 weeks, ok that is sad. And now... I have to wear another

16 x 2 weeks = 32 weeks!

Total I have to wear for

45 weeks + 32 weeks = 77 weeks, 37 weeks more than it was initially planned.

I don't know why but I felt cheated... what is this feeling.... though I do not need to pay extra charges.

Sometimes I can be not so niao (calculative) but sometimes wearing this is troublesome. I have to be niao and calculate this.

32 weeks later would be on the 17 August 2012 if nothing went wrong.

I am going to keep note of this date.