Friday, January 6, 2012


I always see myself like a snail, sometimes a useless snail.

I always crawl very slowly and everyone is always faster and smarter than me.

A snail is worse than a tortoise because it's smaller in size, no one can see you without opening their eyes big enough.

If I'm unlucky, somebody may just step and squash on me. This shows how useless my shell is too.

A snail is also very slimy and people who don't appreciate me may think I'm disgusting.

Stupid enough, sometimes my slimy body may leave stain on the places I have been to which will enable others to track me down.

When I'm scared, I would always hide in my shell.

When I'm shy, I would also hide in my shell.

When I'm sad, I would hide in my shell too.

Why do I have to hide in my shell when knowing my shell is useless?

On flat land, I crawl freaking slow. Uphill, I crawl even slower.

But! I know how to stick without dropping off on a vertical wall unlike others.

I want a snail to run as fast as the lightning.

Can a snail ever run as fast as the lightning or this is just hallucination? I want a snail to run as fast as the lightning.