Thursday, December 15, 2011

What made me tick and learn music?

I don't know why I feel like sharing my music journey today, maybe I am just waiting for another hour to pass so that I could go for my 1st driving lesson! Oh my god! I'm so looking forward to it!

Ok I have to admit I'm a very dry person, maybe most of the people do not know that but yes, I'm definitely a dry dry person. Why do I say that? That is because my life circulate around music, other than music maybe interior design may be my another interest since young. I seriously don't get whether interior design is an interest or is it because of my father. Ok I'm off track. Let's start from the beginning.

When I was primary 3, one of my classmates learned how to play piano and showing off? That was the time when I wanted to learn how to play one too. However my dad said that it was too expensive to buy one and to learn one, so in order to divert my attention, my dad suggested that I should go and join Chinese dance instead since I'm always jumping high and low at home. My passion for music did not extinguish like that. I went to my friend's home to learn piano and I could see that she enjoy teaching too. Seriously I am grateful to her though we demoted from best friends to enemies to friends to acquaintances. A very complex friendship of mine.

After I graduated from Primary school, there was this sense of emptiness since I am always focusing on dancing. I guess my dad saw that I was so freaking bored so he decided to let me learn violin as I requested for it. I also guess that my dad has noticed that I enjoy playing piano so a month later, he sent me for piano lessons. Woah that was the time when I practiced for 1 to 2 hours everyday for piano. Maybe another 1/2 hr for violin. That is not all, like oh my god, I joined concert band at that time so I was busying blowing clarinet in school. In addition to that I have to study for music theory too. Lastly, of course I have to study for school tests and exams too. I was so so busy that I do not have time to think about other issues. Below is the sweat and tears for my exam schedules:

November 2003: Started to learn violin
December 2003: Started to learn piano
Aug / Sept 2004: Piano and theory grade 1
Year 2005: Violin grade 2, Piano grade 4, Theory 3 & 5
Year 2007: Piano grade 6 and theory grade 6

Woah now to think of it, I am so pitiful.

I have to admit because of too much hardwork and effort I put in, the years in polytechnic I did not put in much effort. I do not like to share this but I failed my violin grade 8 2 times when I was in poly. I guess I cannot blame anyone for that as I started practicing only 1 month before my exams. Ya this is very shameful of me. I have the feeling of my engine that was burning has failed.

Oops I have to go for my driving lessons now! Off to go!