Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Trip To Adelaide

Towards the end of November, I went to Adelaide for a short break. Before I went, I thought I could write a song on lonely flight or a nice holiday trip or something but it came out that I have no inspiration. Maybe few days later I recall something and can start writing a song?

I boarded the plane alone but I was seriously not lonely at all. I was concentrating on the music, food and nap. I am a fan of Utada Hikaru so I kept listening to her songs and felt happy. I know this is absurd feeling happy over this trivial thing but what can you do on a night flight?

Adelaide... I have to say that it is a very beautiful place. The people left me an impression that they are nice and polite. I have been to places like Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Yunan, every places have their own characteristics and Adelaide as compare with the few places I went to is a place where it has strong historic architecture, statues, museum wherever you go to. I have to say that it is an "Art Town." I live in Singapore so we can hardly experience this kind of historic environment.

Before I show you some photos, I am going to admit that I suck at taking pictures. Here you go :)

I went to the botanic gardens too. The flowers are really beautiful and I love it! My friend who accompanied me seemed that she did not enjoy it but oh well... different people have different likings. I guess she enjoy shopping?
My friend stayed at South Adelaide and I went twice to North Adelaide for lunch and dinner on different days by walking. On the way we passed by this cathedral.
Most of my solo pictures are taken in my friend's cam.,so I do not have much photos of myself and my friend do not like her photos to be uploaded. But I will share a photo of me :D
Other than sight-seeing, museum visiting, botanic-trip, shopping, I actually hoped to instill some excitement to the trip like going to an amusement park or something. There is really some difference with the accompany of a group people and a person when going overseas.

That's all for today!