Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the verge of giving up

I ever thought of giving up music as this is really a career that you cannot earn a living, however I could not do that. After I graduated from poly, I was deciding whether to follow my father's footstep or play music. Then my decision was to become an interior designer. I have to say that I do not dislike being an interior designer, in fact I liked it but the only disadvantage was I have to overtime until I do not have time for my music. Apparently I could not afford to spent any time practicing music or even have time to write music. In the end, I gave up the job.

After that I went to learn music arranging from a teacher as I knew that I could not arrange music. Seriously I was hoping for the teacher to teach me faster but he did not so I felt I am like a snail now, crawling uphill. With addition to that, I took up lyrics composing class at FM pop from xiaohan laoshi as I thought that my lyrics composition also needed improvement. Lyrics writing is seriously fun and I enjoy the lessons. It teaches me to think more in depth instead of looking stories from a faraway distance.

That is typically what I have been doing currently with the addition of piano and violin lessons every Sunday. Sunday is really tiring as I have to take close to 2 hrs of public transport ride to my violin teacher's house, I seriously prefer to just call for a cab. Yes I am a lazy person. Luckily I need 5 mins of public transport ride to my piano teacher's house, that is great!

I am tired *yawn* off to go!