Saturday, December 17, 2011

My music choices

This is just a continuous story from the previous post, I feel like sharing more so here I am typing again. Previous post is like talking more about how I get exposed to classical music so now I'm going to share how I get exposed to pop music.

After I graduated from secondary school, my mum knew that I also enjoy composing songs. The reason why I enjoy composing is because I'm very bad at expressing myself and I needed an outlet for my negative emotions. So my mum sent me to LWSSM to learn composing and I learned close to a year. The reason why I gave up learning is because I seemed not really interested and the teacher left for a band competition. After giving up on this course, I realized: "What is the use of keeping my songs at home, it is really pointless to do so." Therefore, my engine got started again.

I went to ask my cousin and friend if they wanted to form a band and sing my songs, apparently it failed. Then I thought through and felt hopeless as my singing really could not make it. So I went to ocean butterflies to take up vocal classes when I was studying in polytechnic 2nd year, apparently before I signed up, I joked about it and my parents objected. They could not understand why I should learn singing. Without asking their for their approval, I made the first move and went to the school to register.

After paying the school fee, I went home and reported to my mum. My mum just accepted the fact that I wanted to learn but asked me to keep it from my dad. 3 months later, oh my gosh, my dad asked me where I was about to go and I accidentally replied that I am going to the school. Woah! My dad's reaction was scary at that time! I cannot seem to remember how he accepted later on. So in the end, I continued learning until now, one more final exam and I can receive a vocal advance certificate from them.

The time is reaching 3am now and I'm freaking tired, I guess I will continue when the sky turns bright. Oh no! I have piano at 12pm and I seriously have to go to bed now. Off to go!