Sunday, December 11, 2011

Music Review - IU YOU & I

Out of the sudden I feel like doing a music review on IU's You & I. I seriously like this song a lot!

Disclaimer: I do not own this video, all rights go to LOENENT YouTube channel and LOEN entertainment.

It has a symphonic arrangement but it is a pop music and that is what I like about this music. It reminds me of the music from the show "Spirited Away." The sound effect of the owl and the clock before the music starts brings me to go into the story, at the same time it tells me: "It's time for you to join me!". The strings  and timpani arrangement gives a very strong impact at some parts of the song and adds some imagination for me to go into the fairytale. The timpani also acts like a clock chime. There are few parts when she sang cho-a and I felt that the last cho-a she sang ... woah it was super good! The brass instruments give a grand feeling and the running notes of the piano and strings its like asking me to chase after the time. There is a part of the strings that I love listening to is the part where it has a triplet and 2 short notes. Yes I enjoy listening to it!

At some parts of the song I felt the dance is cute like a musical dance. I know that is how it fits the song. I like the part where she shows the hand actions of the clock.

I like anything got to do with fairytale. The starting of the scene already has caught my attention. Everything in the house is like make of wood and filled with experiment instruments. How I wish I have a house totally made if wood, but too bad Singapore fire regulations do not allow that. Ai ya ... I could only dream about it. Another interesting plot is where she was boarding the train. I was like thinking: "How cool! How cool! Is that animated?! So real!" Another thing that have caught my attention is that goose. Oh my god it is so fluffy! Cute right? The time machine also reminds me of Doremon. But I was disturbed by the lipstick colour of her wearing the black dress. Own preferences, I just don't like it.

Lastly I want to end it with writing that IU is really a good singer!