Thursday, December 8, 2011


Did you ever watch a Korean drama named "Secret Garden"? If you did, you most probably will come across this scene where the main lead got trapped in the lift and fainted. When I watched this, I felt some familiarity as though something similar happened before. Last night, I finally remembered I have a terrible experience when I boarded the lift. You can say I have a superb memory for recalling this or you can say it was a terrible experience at that time.

When I was four or five years old, I was standing at the lift lobby when my maid started to shout "Don't go into the lift!" But too late..., I entered the lift. I seriously could not recall why she did not hold me or what but before she could stop me the door lift closed. Worst of all I did not know how to press the lift button and I was seriously trapped in the lift. I remembered that I was sweating and crying inside hoping for someone to come to my rescue. Finally the lift stopped and a lady walked in. I remembered she asked me a few questions but I cannot remember what she has said. She brought me to the 1st floor and I finally saw my maid. I was saved! I think I went to school later as I remembered carrying a school bag at that time. Why do I have to remember this out of the sudden. Thanks to the show!

No wonder every time I was super stressed I would dream of myself trapping inside the lift. The lift just would never stop at the fourth floor (I live at the fourth floor). Now to think of it, I remember another incident.

When I was primary 1, my bus mates would always rush for the lift. Stupid right? Yes freaking stupid... There was once this particular boy who prevented me from pressing the lift button until the screen stated five. That time I nearly cried out. Luckily before my tears came out, his sister exited the lift at a floor and brought me back to my floor. Apparently when I got home I told my maid about it, yes the same maid as stated above. I tried explaining to her but I guess she did not understand me. Oh well...

The most fortunate thing is I do not have any lift phobia like the main lead in "Secret Garden." I guess that is because I have been taking the lift everyday.