Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

Today is the last day of 2011! How did you spent the year of 2011? People around me told me that 2011 is a year that big changes have occurred in their life but to me it seems like a transition but nothing big.

January - March

Starting of the year I'm still studying in poly, struggling with my final year project, had conflicts with my classmates and was suffering miserably because of some of them. Then it started to progress that I joined another group of friends, had my final presentation, waiting for results and found a job as an interior designer.

April - August

This carried on until April I had my graduation show then not long after, I graduated. During the period of 2 months working as an interior designer, I had to work overtime and had no time to prepare my piano exam so I quit the job with only 2 months left for my exams. Then my dad started to renovate my room, bought me a new bed and painted my room. My house was therefore undergoing renovation. In this case, I also could no longer practice my piano. In the end I still failed the exam which I felt freaking sad and upset about it so don't mention this in front of me. This tells me that last minute cannot save you.

August - September

During the period when my house was undergoing renovation, my house was in a mess so my dad blew to the top of his lungs. Something dramatic started to happen. He started to ask me to clear up my stuffs when there was no place to put and threw my stuff on the floor. It carried on that he asked me whether I would want to continue to study architecture in university and I rejected. After that he replied in Chinese that he was utterly disappointed in me. Usually I would always agree to what he says as I am very afraid of people saying he/she is utterly disappointed in me. There was once when I was in Secondary school my piano teacher said this sentence to me and I did not know why my tears just flow down from my eyes. Of course my teacher was very shocked.

So this resulted that my dad realised that he could not change my mind, carry on he asked me to throw away all my school notes and I did. Then it begin that he was not only utterly disappointed but disappointed to the core. He started to take a pen knife and took 8 of my A1 final presentation boards and sliced it into half. During the slicing, he did turn and looked my reaction but I remained calm and did not react to what he did. But inside my heart I felt the pain when he sliced it, who would not feel the pain after struggling sleepless nights to complete that. However I knew that if I stopped him, he would continue to force me to study architecture. To me studying architecture is something that I do not want to do. So after he sliced it, my dad brought the boards downstairs and threw them. I knew he was very sad and felt sorry.

Then I took my music arranging lessons, learn to do arranging and use music software. Whenever I ask my dad about his opinions about this song or that song, he would always reply me: "Don't talk to me about music." However as days started to pass, with constant persuasion and showing my efforts, he gradually trying to accept that I wanted to concentrate on music. I also went to night clubs and pub to see what it looks like. It indeed satisfy my curiosity.


Furthermore, I took up lyrics composition class. Then my birthday started to arrive! 1 day before my birthday I celebrated with my ex-colleague and I am really grateful to them!:D However during the day of my birthday another dramatic story happened but I am not supposed to share as it will affect others so I will just add a full stop to this. In the end, I wrote a song about my birthday.

Yesterday I told my mom that my life story is good enough to write a storybook as lots of dramatic stories happened around me for the past 20 years I have been living.


Towards the end of November I went to Adelaide to visit a friend of mine. You can visit the post on that as I have posted some pictures.


Finally I reached the last month of the year! There was a touching moment of my life I would like to share. It was a day when my dad drove me to my violin class as my teacher shifted very far. So I would always complain why must he live in Marsling?! Ok back to the story. He was driving and singing at the same time then it started to come to a complete silence. Soon after he said:"If you want to play music, go ahead and do it. After a year if there is no improvement, you have to come back to the construction line." This sentence I treated it ashe has given all of his approval so I was very happy. After that day, my dad and I become closer and even better friends. Haha...

So I have come to an end of 2011, maybe tomorrow I will write a post on 2012's resolution. So see ya!