Thursday, December 22, 2011


The long awaiting movie theatre at Katong 112 officially opened yesterday as mentioned by Golden Village! YEAH YES!!! Today my parents suggested that during Christmas Eve we are going to watch Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol. Actually I am quite neutral with this movie, if I have the choice I would rather watch Sherlock Holmes instead, what can I do since this is the choice of my elder brother. Maybe I shouldn't complain about this, what if Mission Impossible turn out to be a good one? Ya, by then the whole family will bash me for it, I better keep my mouth shut for the time being.

I realised the type of movie that I like is a bit different from other people. If you ask me what recent movie that has caught my attention, I would answer you "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Some people will reply "What?!" but if you and me have the same thinking, u might be able to understand why I like it. You know great minds think alike. =_= "'

I just feel that this movie has touched my heart. I realised that not only chimpanzees are treated this way, sometimes not that serious, human are treated this way in our everyday lives. When you see someone has a different background, thinking, culture or maybe character, there are lots of people who enjoy putting people down. That is why discrimination are everywhere and everyone should learn to respect one another and not cross the line.

But if you are the discriminated one, I personally think that you should learn to stand up for yourself. Standing up can make you become a stronger person, if you don't, you will learn to become a weaker one instead. Anyway running away also cannot solved the problem as somewhere down the road you might encounter the same problems again. So learn to stand up for yourself.

That's all for today! Signing off!