Monday, December 19, 2011

Choosing the right umbrella

I know this topic is kind of lame as I'm passing time while waiting for driving lesson later. It has been raining since afternoon and I hope it can just stop as it is really difficult to drive at night, not to mention a rainy night.

My mum left an umbrella at the balcony and I thought her umbrella is cute and nice. I remembered there were number of occasions that I bought the wrong umbrella.

My suggestion is it is best not to buy a black umbrella. I have bought a black one before and I wore black from head to toe. My friend looked at me and said it was as though I was going to attend a funeral, so black is a no-no! In the end, I passed the umbrella to my mum and I do not know what she did with the black umbrella. Few days ago my girl friend wanted to lend her umbrella to her guy friend as it suddenly started to rain. However the guy rejected her offer as I guess is because the umbrella is purple in colour. Girl's colour like sweet pink, blue or purple will look weird on guys. If a guy were to take my mum's umbrella, won't he look gay or childish?

The weight of the umbrella is really really important to me as I have changed many umbrellas because it is too heavy. A light umbrella obviously will make your bag lighter. The other reason is because I'm small in size, imagine a strong wind blows, oh my god if the umbrella is too heavy, the umbrella will get blown away. Or maybe I will get blown away too. Just joking!

Size of the umbrella is never a big problem to me as long as you don't give me a kids' umbrella. Currently I'm using a purple umbrella I bought from Taiwan. It is really durable, cheap and I don't know why it is so lasting as I have not change umbrella for close to 3 years! Maybe... I say maybe Taiwan is good at making umbrella?

Ok off to go for my driving lesson!