Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog skins

Few days ago I have changed my blog skin! How does it look like? I guess brown is better, more nature friendly. Actually I have changed it twice, initially it was black and my photo was purple.

On that exact same day when I changed the skin, I went out with one of my friend then I asked her to look at it. She commented that it was too black and jumped into talking about horror story. {(-_-)} Is there any link to it as I got home and questioned about it. The next day, I went into my blog and jumped looking at my blog skin. Oh my god!!! I nearly fell off my chair!W(`0`)W My photo looks like a .... Ok I don't feel like mentioning because it is really scary and the background is black. I finally noticed the link between the blog skin and the horror story. The only explanation to why I designed the blog skin that way must be because I'm not in a good mood that day.

So I changed my blog skin to brown... Ya ... Very nature like. (-_-) The reason why I started to change my blog skin is because when I open my blog using an I-pad or I-phone, the background is messed up. It looked fine when using a computer but not with the tablets and handphones.

I also started to recall the day when I decided to design my blog skin. How many question marks had been spinning in my head that caused me to feel dizzy that day?! ( ? _ ? )?? Using photoshop is not a problem to me as I'm from an architecture school but the problem lies with the HTML. I had been staring at the HTML for days and seriously did not know how to start. Then I started to google, yahoo and YouTube for more information. My teachers will be very upset if they get to know this as I was not this hardworking when studying LOL! (⌒▽⌒) Trial and error and severe headache causes me to learn how to change a blog skin. Though I'm still not familiar with HTML but I guess this is enough for changing the blog skin.

My previous blog skin
 I realized that I'm very obsessed with learning new things, after a while I got sick of it and stopped. A very very bad habit of mine! (~_~;)