Friday, March 4, 2011

Love's Gone

Hey everyone, I'm back!

I've been missing for a month or two and most of you must have been wondering what I'm up to. Actually I'm preparing for my graduation projects as I'm graduating from the Polytechnic soon so I have been kind of busy lately. But not to worry! I have already finished what I have left to do in school so now I'm kind of "too" free.

Not to disappoint you for waiting for close to two months... or more than that, I will present you my new song "Love's gone."

"Love's gone" is actually written when I was sad and depressed at the beginning of this year. In addition, I got this inspiration from "Dong Yi", a Korean drama in case you do not know what it is. I find it kind of funny of me to watch this show as I am not in a good mood to start with, but I went to watch this drama and made me even more emotional. I should have gone to watch a comedy show. Ya precisely! But...
Lucky I watched "Dong Yi" so I manage to write this song, am I right?!

I am going to stop sharing my stories or this post will get too long that I will even forget that I have to post my song up.

Basically this song is written in 6/8 count and it tells that when you turn around, you realised the people that you loved are gone. That sadness and fear will then arise.

So enjoy!

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