Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

Today is the last day of 2011! How did you spent the year of 2011? People around me told me that 2011 is a year that big changes have occurred in their life but to me it seems like a transition but nothing big.

January - March

Starting of the year I'm still studying in poly, struggling with my final year project, had conflicts with my classmates and was suffering miserably because of some of them. Then it started to progress that I joined another group of friends, had my final presentation, waiting for results and found a job as an interior designer.

April - August

This carried on until April I had my graduation show then not long after, I graduated. During the period of 2 months working as an interior designer, I had to work overtime and had no time to prepare my piano exam so I quit the job with only 2 months left for my exams. Then my dad started to renovate my room, bought me a new bed and painted my room. My house was therefore undergoing renovation. In this case, I also could no longer practice my piano. In the end I still failed the exam which I felt freaking sad and upset about it so don't mention this in front of me. This tells me that last minute cannot save you.

August - September

During the period when my house was undergoing renovation, my house was in a mess so my dad blew to the top of his lungs. Something dramatic started to happen. He started to ask me to clear up my stuffs when there was no place to put and threw my stuff on the floor. It carried on that he asked me whether I would want to continue to study architecture in university and I rejected. After that he replied in Chinese that he was utterly disappointed in me. Usually I would always agree to what he says as I am very afraid of people saying he/she is utterly disappointed in me. There was once when I was in Secondary school my piano teacher said this sentence to me and I did not know why my tears just flow down from my eyes. Of course my teacher was very shocked.

So this resulted that my dad realised that he could not change my mind, carry on he asked me to throw away all my school notes and I did. Then it begin that he was not only utterly disappointed but disappointed to the core. He started to take a pen knife and took 8 of my A1 final presentation boards and sliced it into half. During the slicing, he did turn and looked my reaction but I remained calm and did not react to what he did. But inside my heart I felt the pain when he sliced it, who would not feel the pain after struggling sleepless nights to complete that. However I knew that if I stopped him, he would continue to force me to study architecture. To me studying architecture is something that I do not want to do. So after he sliced it, my dad brought the boards downstairs and threw them. I knew he was very sad and felt sorry.

Then I took my music arranging lessons, learn to do arranging and use music software. Whenever I ask my dad about his opinions about this song or that song, he would always reply me: "Don't talk to me about music." However as days started to pass, with constant persuasion and showing my efforts, he gradually trying to accept that I wanted to concentrate on music. I also went to night clubs and pub to see what it looks like. It indeed satisfy my curiosity.


Furthermore, I took up lyrics composition class. Then my birthday started to arrive! 1 day before my birthday I celebrated with my ex-colleague and I am really grateful to them!:D However during the day of my birthday another dramatic story happened but I am not supposed to share as it will affect others so I will just add a full stop to this. In the end, I wrote a song about my birthday.

Yesterday I told my mom that my life story is good enough to write a storybook as lots of dramatic stories happened around me for the past 20 years I have been living.


Towards the end of November I went to Adelaide to visit a friend of mine. You can visit the post on that as I have posted some pictures.


Finally I reached the last month of the year! There was a touching moment of my life I would like to share. It was a day when my dad drove me to my violin class as my teacher shifted very far. So I would always complain why must he live in Marsling?! Ok back to the story. He was driving and singing at the same time then it started to come to a complete silence. Soon after he said:"If you want to play music, go ahead and do it. After a year if there is no improvement, you have to come back to the construction line." This sentence I treated it ashe has given all of his approval so I was very happy. After that day, my dad and I become closer and even better friends. Haha...

So I have come to an end of 2011, maybe tomorrow I will write a post on 2012's resolution. So see ya!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Short hair VS Long hair

Quite a number of people say that I look good with longer hair instead of short hair. So let's compare!

I guess I look better with longer hair. In fact I think I look better after I wore invisalign after a while. My teeth started to shift only recently and my smile looks nicer. Without a hole in between my teeth and without my 2 protruded front teeth. Hmmm maybe next time I will have a post to show before and after pictures and compare whether teeth adjustment will look nicer or not.

Ok that's all for today!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Do you have fun today? I certainly have apart that I have to go to piano and violin classes today. In addition to that, today is my mum's birthday! As mentioned in my previous post, that movie outing is a pre-birthday event for my mum and Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is definitely worth watching. I will give 4.5/5 stars rating for this movie so if you have the time, you can go and catch this. I realised that I have been busying eating for the past 2 days, love the food but I hope that I will not increase weight for it.

During the night, we cut my mum's birthday cake at home so I will share some photos here.

Ok! Signing off!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The long awaiting movie theatre at Katong 112 officially opened yesterday as mentioned by Golden Village! YEAH YES!!! Today my parents suggested that during Christmas Eve we are going to watch Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol. Actually I am quite neutral with this movie, if I have the choice I would rather watch Sherlock Holmes instead, what can I do since this is the choice of my elder brother. Maybe I shouldn't complain about this, what if Mission Impossible turn out to be a good one? Ya, by then the whole family will bash me for it, I better keep my mouth shut for the time being.

I realised the type of movie that I like is a bit different from other people. If you ask me what recent movie that has caught my attention, I would answer you "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Some people will reply "What?!" but if you and me have the same thinking, u might be able to understand why I like it. You know great minds think alike. =_= "'

I just feel that this movie has touched my heart. I realised that not only chimpanzees are treated this way, sometimes not that serious, human are treated this way in our everyday lives. When you see someone has a different background, thinking, culture or maybe character, there are lots of people who enjoy putting people down. That is why discrimination are everywhere and everyone should learn to respect one another and not cross the line.

But if you are the discriminated one, I personally think that you should learn to stand up for yourself. Standing up can make you become a stronger person, if you don't, you will learn to become a weaker one instead. Anyway running away also cannot solved the problem as somewhere down the road you might encounter the same problems again. So learn to stand up for yourself.

That's all for today! Signing off!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Graduation Photo

I just found my poly graduation photo which my school has posted a few months back. I think it's kinda cool so I will share my photo below!:D

Cool right?!

Ok off to go!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Choosing the right umbrella

I know this topic is kind of lame as I'm passing time while waiting for driving lesson later. It has been raining since afternoon and I hope it can just stop as it is really difficult to drive at night, not to mention a rainy night.

My mum left an umbrella at the balcony and I thought her umbrella is cute and nice. I remembered there were number of occasions that I bought the wrong umbrella.

My suggestion is it is best not to buy a black umbrella. I have bought a black one before and I wore black from head to toe. My friend looked at me and said it was as though I was going to attend a funeral, so black is a no-no! In the end, I passed the umbrella to my mum and I do not know what she did with the black umbrella. Few days ago my girl friend wanted to lend her umbrella to her guy friend as it suddenly started to rain. However the guy rejected her offer as I guess is because the umbrella is purple in colour. Girl's colour like sweet pink, blue or purple will look weird on guys. If a guy were to take my mum's umbrella, won't he look gay or childish?

The weight of the umbrella is really really important to me as I have changed many umbrellas because it is too heavy. A light umbrella obviously will make your bag lighter. The other reason is because I'm small in size, imagine a strong wind blows, oh my god if the umbrella is too heavy, the umbrella will get blown away. Or maybe I will get blown away too. Just joking!

Size of the umbrella is never a big problem to me as long as you don't give me a kids' umbrella. Currently I'm using a purple umbrella I bought from Taiwan. It is really durable, cheap and I don't know why it is so lasting as I have not change umbrella for close to 3 years! Maybe... I say maybe Taiwan is good at making umbrella?

Ok off to go for my driving lesson!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the verge of giving up

I ever thought of giving up music as this is really a career that you cannot earn a living, however I could not do that. After I graduated from poly, I was deciding whether to follow my father's footstep or play music. Then my decision was to become an interior designer. I have to say that I do not dislike being an interior designer, in fact I liked it but the only disadvantage was I have to overtime until I do not have time for my music. Apparently I could not afford to spent any time practicing music or even have time to write music. In the end, I gave up the job.

After that I went to learn music arranging from a teacher as I knew that I could not arrange music. Seriously I was hoping for the teacher to teach me faster but he did not so I felt I am like a snail now, crawling uphill. With addition to that, I took up lyrics composing class at FM pop from xiaohan laoshi as I thought that my lyrics composition also needed improvement. Lyrics writing is seriously fun and I enjoy the lessons. It teaches me to think more in depth instead of looking stories from a faraway distance.

That is typically what I have been doing currently with the addition of piano and violin lessons every Sunday. Sunday is really tiring as I have to take close to 2 hrs of public transport ride to my violin teacher's house, I seriously prefer to just call for a cab. Yes I am a lazy person. Luckily I need 5 mins of public transport ride to my piano teacher's house, that is great!

I am tired *yawn* off to go!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My music choices

This is just a continuous story from the previous post, I feel like sharing more so here I am typing again. Previous post is like talking more about how I get exposed to classical music so now I'm going to share how I get exposed to pop music.

After I graduated from secondary school, my mum knew that I also enjoy composing songs. The reason why I enjoy composing is because I'm very bad at expressing myself and I needed an outlet for my negative emotions. So my mum sent me to LWSSM to learn composing and I learned close to a year. The reason why I gave up learning is because I seemed not really interested and the teacher left for a band competition. After giving up on this course, I realized: "What is the use of keeping my songs at home, it is really pointless to do so." Therefore, my engine got started again.

I went to ask my cousin and friend if they wanted to form a band and sing my songs, apparently it failed. Then I thought through and felt hopeless as my singing really could not make it. So I went to ocean butterflies to take up vocal classes when I was studying in polytechnic 2nd year, apparently before I signed up, I joked about it and my parents objected. They could not understand why I should learn singing. Without asking their for their approval, I made the first move and went to the school to register.

After paying the school fee, I went home and reported to my mum. My mum just accepted the fact that I wanted to learn but asked me to keep it from my dad. 3 months later, oh my gosh, my dad asked me where I was about to go and I accidentally replied that I am going to the school. Woah! My dad's reaction was scary at that time! I cannot seem to remember how he accepted later on. So in the end, I continued learning until now, one more final exam and I can receive a vocal advance certificate from them.

The time is reaching 3am now and I'm freaking tired, I guess I will continue when the sky turns bright. Oh no! I have piano at 12pm and I seriously have to go to bed now. Off to go!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What made me tick and learn music?

I don't know why I feel like sharing my music journey today, maybe I am just waiting for another hour to pass so that I could go for my 1st driving lesson! Oh my god! I'm so looking forward to it!

Ok I have to admit I'm a very dry person, maybe most of the people do not know that but yes, I'm definitely a dry dry person. Why do I say that? That is because my life circulate around music, other than music maybe interior design may be my another interest since young. I seriously don't get whether interior design is an interest or is it because of my father. Ok I'm off track. Let's start from the beginning.

When I was primary 3, one of my classmates learned how to play piano and showing off? That was the time when I wanted to learn how to play one too. However my dad said that it was too expensive to buy one and to learn one, so in order to divert my attention, my dad suggested that I should go and join Chinese dance instead since I'm always jumping high and low at home. My passion for music did not extinguish like that. I went to my friend's home to learn piano and I could see that she enjoy teaching too. Seriously I am grateful to her though we demoted from best friends to enemies to friends to acquaintances. A very complex friendship of mine.

After I graduated from Primary school, there was this sense of emptiness since I am always focusing on dancing. I guess my dad saw that I was so freaking bored so he decided to let me learn violin as I requested for it. I also guess that my dad has noticed that I enjoy playing piano so a month later, he sent me for piano lessons. Woah that was the time when I practiced for 1 to 2 hours everyday for piano. Maybe another 1/2 hr for violin. That is not all, like oh my god, I joined concert band at that time so I was busying blowing clarinet in school. In addition to that I have to study for music theory too. Lastly, of course I have to study for school tests and exams too. I was so so busy that I do not have time to think about other issues. Below is the sweat and tears for my exam schedules:

November 2003: Started to learn violin
December 2003: Started to learn piano
Aug / Sept 2004: Piano and theory grade 1
Year 2005: Violin grade 2, Piano grade 4, Theory 3 & 5
Year 2007: Piano grade 6 and theory grade 6

Woah now to think of it, I am so pitiful.

I have to admit because of too much hardwork and effort I put in, the years in polytechnic I did not put in much effort. I do not like to share this but I failed my violin grade 8 2 times when I was in poly. I guess I cannot blame anyone for that as I started practicing only 1 month before my exams. Ya this is very shameful of me. I have the feeling of my engine that was burning has failed.

Oops I have to go for my driving lessons now! Off to go!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog skins

Few days ago I have changed my blog skin! How does it look like? I guess brown is better, more nature friendly. Actually I have changed it twice, initially it was black and my photo was purple.

On that exact same day when I changed the skin, I went out with one of my friend then I asked her to look at it. She commented that it was too black and jumped into talking about horror story. {(-_-)} Is there any link to it as I got home and questioned about it. The next day, I went into my blog and jumped looking at my blog skin. Oh my god!!! I nearly fell off my chair!W(`0`)W My photo looks like a .... Ok I don't feel like mentioning because it is really scary and the background is black. I finally noticed the link between the blog skin and the horror story. The only explanation to why I designed the blog skin that way must be because I'm not in a good mood that day.

So I changed my blog skin to brown... Ya ... Very nature like. (-_-) The reason why I started to change my blog skin is because when I open my blog using an I-pad or I-phone, the background is messed up. It looked fine when using a computer but not with the tablets and handphones.

I also started to recall the day when I decided to design my blog skin. How many question marks had been spinning in my head that caused me to feel dizzy that day?! ( ? _ ? )?? Using photoshop is not a problem to me as I'm from an architecture school but the problem lies with the HTML. I had been staring at the HTML for days and seriously did not know how to start. Then I started to google, yahoo and YouTube for more information. My teachers will be very upset if they get to know this as I was not this hardworking when studying LOL! (⌒▽⌒) Trial and error and severe headache causes me to learn how to change a blog skin. Though I'm still not familiar with HTML but I guess this is enough for changing the blog skin.

My previous blog skin
 I realized that I'm very obsessed with learning new things, after a while I got sick of it and stopped. A very very bad habit of mine! (~_~;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Music Review - IU YOU & I

Out of the sudden I feel like doing a music review on IU's You & I. I seriously like this song a lot!

Disclaimer: I do not own this video, all rights go to LOENENT YouTube channel and LOEN entertainment.

It has a symphonic arrangement but it is a pop music and that is what I like about this music. It reminds me of the music from the show "Spirited Away." The sound effect of the owl and the clock before the music starts brings me to go into the story, at the same time it tells me: "It's time for you to join me!". The strings  and timpani arrangement gives a very strong impact at some parts of the song and adds some imagination for me to go into the fairytale. The timpani also acts like a clock chime. There are few parts when she sang cho-a and I felt that the last cho-a she sang ... woah it was super good! The brass instruments give a grand feeling and the running notes of the piano and strings its like asking me to chase after the time. There is a part of the strings that I love listening to is the part where it has a triplet and 2 short notes. Yes I enjoy listening to it!

At some parts of the song I felt the dance is cute like a musical dance. I know that is how it fits the song. I like the part where she shows the hand actions of the clock.

I like anything got to do with fairytale. The starting of the scene already has caught my attention. Everything in the house is like make of wood and filled with experiment instruments. How I wish I have a house totally made if wood, but too bad Singapore fire regulations do not allow that. Ai ya ... I could only dream about it. Another interesting plot is where she was boarding the train. I was like thinking: "How cool! How cool! Is that animated?! So real!" Another thing that have caught my attention is that goose. Oh my god it is so fluffy! Cute right? The time machine also reminds me of Doremon. But I was disturbed by the lipstick colour of her wearing the black dress. Own preferences, I just don't like it.

Lastly I want to end it with writing that IU is really a good singer!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Did you ever watch a Korean drama named "Secret Garden"? If you did, you most probably will come across this scene where the main lead got trapped in the lift and fainted. When I watched this, I felt some familiarity as though something similar happened before. Last night, I finally remembered I have a terrible experience when I boarded the lift. You can say I have a superb memory for recalling this or you can say it was a terrible experience at that time.

When I was four or five years old, I was standing at the lift lobby when my maid started to shout "Don't go into the lift!" But too late..., I entered the lift. I seriously could not recall why she did not hold me or what but before she could stop me the door lift closed. Worst of all I did not know how to press the lift button and I was seriously trapped in the lift. I remembered that I was sweating and crying inside hoping for someone to come to my rescue. Finally the lift stopped and a lady walked in. I remembered she asked me a few questions but I cannot remember what she has said. She brought me to the 1st floor and I finally saw my maid. I was saved! I think I went to school later as I remembered carrying a school bag at that time. Why do I have to remember this out of the sudden. Thanks to the show!

No wonder every time I was super stressed I would dream of myself trapping inside the lift. The lift just would never stop at the fourth floor (I live at the fourth floor). Now to think of it, I remember another incident.

When I was primary 1, my bus mates would always rush for the lift. Stupid right? Yes freaking stupid... There was once this particular boy who prevented me from pressing the lift button until the screen stated five. That time I nearly cried out. Luckily before my tears came out, his sister exited the lift at a floor and brought me back to my floor. Apparently when I got home I told my maid about it, yes the same maid as stated above. I tried explaining to her but I guess she did not understand me. Oh well...

The most fortunate thing is I do not have any lift phobia like the main lead in "Secret Garden." I guess that is because I have been taking the lift everyday.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Trip To Adelaide

Towards the end of November, I went to Adelaide for a short break. Before I went, I thought I could write a song on lonely flight or a nice holiday trip or something but it came out that I have no inspiration. Maybe few days later I recall something and can start writing a song?

I boarded the plane alone but I was seriously not lonely at all. I was concentrating on the music, food and nap. I am a fan of Utada Hikaru so I kept listening to her songs and felt happy. I know this is absurd feeling happy over this trivial thing but what can you do on a night flight?

Adelaide... I have to say that it is a very beautiful place. The people left me an impression that they are nice and polite. I have been to places like Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Yunan, every places have their own characteristics and Adelaide as compare with the few places I went to is a place where it has strong historic architecture, statues, museum wherever you go to. I have to say that it is an "Art Town." I live in Singapore so we can hardly experience this kind of historic environment.

Before I show you some photos, I am going to admit that I suck at taking pictures. Here you go :)

I went to the botanic gardens too. The flowers are really beautiful and I love it! My friend who accompanied me seemed that she did not enjoy it but oh well... different people have different likings. I guess she enjoy shopping?
My friend stayed at South Adelaide and I went twice to North Adelaide for lunch and dinner on different days by walking. On the way we passed by this cathedral.
Most of my solo pictures are taken in my friend's cam.,so I do not have much photos of myself and my friend do not like her photos to be uploaded. But I will share a photo of me :D
Other than sight-seeing, museum visiting, botanic-trip, shopping, I actually hoped to instill some excitement to the trip like going to an amusement park or something. There is really some difference with the accompany of a group people and a person when going overseas.

That's all for today!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Few weeks ago, one of my friend was feeling kind of down so I encouraged her by constantly messaging her. I wrote a few sentences and wanted to share on my blog too (^ ^)

It takes time to befriend
It takes time to become best friends
It takes time to like each other
It takes time to dislike each other
It takes time to forgive one another
It takes time to accept one another
Patience is a virtue.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Deepest Chamber 心里的地下室

Actually I have recorded this very long ago, before I graduated from polytechnic, but I would like to share. I realize that every time I would go out of tune but hmmm... this cannot be helped I guess?! :)

Deepest Chamber 心里的地下室

Verse 1       眼神背后有故事

Verse 2       你可以慢慢找寻

Chorus 1      埋在心里的地下室

                   My deepest chamber

Bridge         All my complicated emotions
                   Lock in my
                   Lock in my deepest chamber

Chorus 2      埋在心里的地下室










Posted on 23/9/2010,

*I have closed down.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deepest Chamber

I have uploaded another new song. Check it out below!

Deepest Chamber

Do you enjoy listening to my music? Comments are very much appreciated by me so please leave one below. That's all for today!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have re-uploaded some of the music that I have taken down from my blog. You can check them up below!








Friday, March 4, 2011

Love's Gone

Hey everyone, I'm back!

I've been missing for a month or two and most of you must have been wondering what I'm up to. Actually I'm preparing for my graduation projects as I'm graduating from the Polytechnic soon so I have been kind of busy lately. But not to worry! I have already finished what I have left to do in school so now I'm kind of "too" free.

Not to disappoint you for waiting for close to two months... or more than that, I will present you my new song "Love's gone."

"Love's gone" is actually written when I was sad and depressed at the beginning of this year. In addition, I got this inspiration from "Dong Yi", a Korean drama in case you do not know what it is. I find it kind of funny of me to watch this show as I am not in a good mood to start with, but I went to watch this drama and made me even more emotional. I should have gone to watch a comedy show. Ya precisely! But...
Lucky I watched "Dong Yi" so I manage to write this song, am I right?!

I am going to stop sharing my stories or this post will get too long that I will even forget that I have to post my song up.

Basically this song is written in 6/8 count and it tells that when you turn around, you realised the people that you loved are gone. That sadness and fear will then arise.

So enjoy!