Sunday, November 21, 2010

Youtube is my best friend

Don't you think that YouTube is just your best friend ever? Today I was totally clueless about how to use a new music software (FL studio). Within 15 minutes of browsing through YouTube, I roughly understand how to use it. The same goes to using revit and sketchup.

This also reminds me of how I started to write my blog. I was clueless on how to get started, the only thing that I knew was using Blogger, follow the instructions, type some words and POST! Then I asked myself: "So now what? How am I going to post my music up?" Browsing through different web pages, reading hundreds of words that made me dizzy, the web pages recommended me to use some music uploading webs which is a core to use it. YouTube just never cross my mind then, I was so busy searching for a solution that I actually forgot that I have a account. It was until a week later that I realized that I could just post it on YouTube.

During the first week of me setting up my blog, I wanted to change my blogskin but I did not know how to do it. I went to YouTube and typed "How to design blogskin",within a day I designed my own blogskin. Don't you find it amazing?! However it looks ugly, you still need to take some time to develop your blogskin design skills. Gradually, I realized that blog readers do not just pass by your website and read. You still need some information on how to increase your blog traffic. If you are interested, you can visit lisa3876's YouTube channel. She has uploaded many videos on setting up blogs and websites etc.

In addition to that, YouTube also helps you get updated to the latest music video. However due to copyright issues, most of the music videos are taken down, especially Japanese music videos. Music videos are good, at least it would lower the percentage of you regretting after buying the cd/dvd. I have a few cds that I regretted buying and they were a waste of money, the cds were left on my shelves collecting dust and maybe waiting for the day to be spoiled.

I am going to conclude that if you want to get started on a software but found out that the software is an alien to you, YouTube is just going to provide the answers that you need. Especially people who do not like to read so many words like me, it is just going to benefit you!