Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eternal Sleep

After 1 month, I finally uploaded a song. I have been busy with my submissions for the past few weeks. Being an architecture student is really tough but I'm going to graduate soon so bear with it. Yes I'm telling myself to bear with it... 5 more months. Tomorrow there is an interim submission again so after publishing this post, I'm off to cadding!

Eternal Sleep

Initially, the name of this song is called "Unwoken Sleep." But unwoken... No such word, so I decided to change it to "Eternal Sleep."

This song consist of different time signature (3/4 to 4/4) and tempo which is found at the transition of the verse to the chorus. I finished this song at March earlier this year so you can hear the difference as you compare with my previous pieces. There is improvement? I guess.

Struggling with my sub-conscious and conscious mind, I could not wake up.
Fallen into a deep deep sleep, when can I end this nightmare?

Okay! I'm going off to cadding the sewage and drainage now. Look forward to my next post!