Friday, October 29, 2010

Interesting Chords

Chords are either major, minor, diminished or augmented. In addition to these chords, there are still chords that could make your songs more interesting.

Let's take C chord as an example.

C major - consist of C E G
C minor - consist of C E flat G
C diminished - consist of C E flat G flat
C augmented - consist of C E G sharp

C9 - C, E, G, D (an additional D note)
Csus4 - C, F, G (an additional F note, but must resolve to C major)
C6 - C, E, G, A (an additional A note)
C7 - C, E, G, B (an additional B note)

An interesting fact is that you could just use the chords given above to play all the white keys from the piano for the whole song. I never tried it before... Maybe I should give it a try and test how it sounds like. I think it will be dull though.