Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What makes a show interesting? Dynamics

What actually makes a show interesting? What makes you feel like crying, scared till you shiver, happy like no one business when you are watching a show? Have you guessed it correctly? That's right! It is the background music that is playing!

My violin teacher once told me to play with drastic dynamics. The dynamics must be drastic in order to be listened by the naked ear. If you don't know how to use your emotions to play the emotions of the music, the other way is to have good basic foundation of playing the musical instrument. That is what my violin teacher always tells me. He also once asked me what makes a horror movie scary? He replied that actually the movie itself is not scary, what makes the show scary is actually the sound effects.

Dynamics makes the music alive. My violin teacher also once share with me the other way to produce better dynamics that is to listen to how you talk. Normal human beings don't talk with no dynamics, the only music that will produce constant volume would be the midi.

Everywhere you go, dynamics are important. Regardless whether you talk, the show of the background music, the way the actors/actresses portray their emotions in the show, the hawker shouting for customers, the birds singing, the dogs barking. If you are learning a music instrument, have you ever wonder why this musician stands out from the others? Apart from the technical skills they have learnt, most importantly is the dynamics that will touch people's heart.