Friday, September 10, 2010

Glass Box Vocal

Ok finally I'm going to post my lovely voice (ah pui... eee... wth... shut up...) Oh what? I heard that! Just joking take it easy.

It's all in Chinese so I apologize to those non-Chinese people. You know my English standard... so I can't write English lyrics.

玻璃盒 (Glass Box)

(verse 1)

(verse 2)
双手碰不到 你

过 了万年也无法把这缘分割舍

verse 1)
zhu jing na bo li he(I've been living in the glass box)
yi gou ji qian nian le (Thousands of years has passed)
gan dong de na yi ke (The moment I once felt touched)
bian de hen mo hu (Seems so far away and blur)

(verse 2)
shang shou peng bu dao ni (I can't feel you)
er duo ye ting bu dao ni de ge sheng (I can't hear you)
zhi jian jiu bei ge zhe zhe dao qiang (This wall has separated both of us)
zhen yang neng qiao sui ne (How can I break it down)

guo le wan nian ye wu fa ba zhe yuan fen ge she (Another ten thousand years has passed but our affinity just never end)
wo dui ni de ai yi jing bie wu xuan zhe (You are the only one that is in my heart)
zhi you xin sui de sheng yin chuan suo le bo li he(Only our heart break penetrate through this glass wall)
yan lei hua guo wo de lian jia xin wu fa fu he (I can't endure it as my tears roll down from my eyes)

Something for my friends:
Sasa - I've uploaded.
Mar - Thanks.
Wee - Thanks.
Yus - Honest ah. Don't worry I can take it.

I will post 1 first. I seriously don't have the confidence to let everyone hear all at one go. Most importantly I'm very tired, I feel like sleeping so see you tomorrow!