Monday, September 13, 2010

Continue editing drizzle

My younger bro ask me to take out all the stupid words such as pringles so I'm gonna edit again.

Drizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
no one seems disturbed but start to giggle
everyone has a smile on their faces
it's so unpredictable

Drizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
I looked upon the sky
it looks so high
the droplets starts to fall and drop into my eye

And I ...

Stepped my foot into the puddle
making it muddle
I love the rain drops falling on me
it just going to cool the heat on me

And I

Start to walk into the drizzle
dancing my way all the way to school
but unpreventable
my textbooks are getting wet
and so is my hat
But not to worry that they would get drenched

ok I just think that this sucks... I need sometime to figure this out.