Thursday, August 5, 2010

New blog skin

I changed a new blog skin! Since I opened my blog, I changed 4 blog skins already. 1st one was super ugly! Why I change again? I can't stand my hand being chopped off in the previous skin, I just feel very pain when looking at it. It just make me so uncomfortable. How is my new blog skin? Please comment or tag me.

Let's celebrate! Today submission is over and holiday is coming! I'm super happy now but I caught a flu because of submission. *Sneeze* *Cough* Hope I will get better by tomorrow.

Actually I'm not supposed to tell anyone but I still want to say. My younger brother played basketball 2 days ago and someone pushed him. There he go, injury on his chin plus his front teeth broken. OMG. He went to the doctor and got 5 stitches from the doctor (omg omg so pain) and went to the dentist to fix his teeth. So people who know him, maybe you would want to show your concern. It look serious.